Online giving – Let your moral compass direct you

The end of year is time to consider making a gift to those that really need it. Even in economically challenging times like now, it is astonishing to see the consumer treadmill is running as good as ever. In fact, way better than expected according to a report by the Economic Times, “The holiday shopping season has turned out better than anyone expected. Sales from November through Saturday were up 2.5 per cent. Americans have spent $32 billion ($32,000,000,000) online, 15 per cent more than a year ago. Retails sales were up in November for the sixth month in a row. People are spending, in particular, on clothes, cars, electronics and furniture.”  If only one hundredth of 1% of that online spending or $3.2 million was directed to the work of volunteer-run charities like Food for Life Global, tremendous good could be done for millions of children. In fact, we could realistically serve more than 12.8 million kids! That’s right, for every dollar donated, FFLG could feasibly help provide at least 4 children a healthy hot meal from one of our projects around the world. That is over 400 children with every $100 donated. Why consider Food for Life Global over other agencies? Food for Life Global’s mission is uniting the world through pure food. Only the healthiest food is served by our affiliates in over 50 countries. No animal is harmed in the production of our food. All food is carefully designed by on-staff nutritionists and all cooks are volunteers. In other words, your donation is used with maximum efficiency and impact in mind and guided by a moral compass pointing towards compassion and health.Let your moral compass direct your charitable giving to a non-profit that has: Served the world since 1974 Is Volunteer run Has served over 1 […]