FOOD YOGA – the story behind Food for Life Global

Overview of Film Concept Food for Life is the world’s largest food relief serving over 2 million free meals daily. But so many people do not know about our work. Please help me raise awareness with the production of a new documentary film that will take you behind the scenes and tell the full story of how Food for Life started and what motives this volunteer-run organization to do so much and be so effective. As the international director, I am also a volunteer and I have been with Food for Life since 1983 starting as a volunteer in a free food cafe in Australia. In 1993, I left Australia to establish the world headquarters in Washington DC and have since that time traveled to more than 50 countries helping to establish new projects and train thousands of volunteers. This new film will shed light on the amazing work Food for Life Global does all over the world, as I visit projects and interview the unsung heroes of Food for Life Global — the men and women on the ground. Please help me make this new film a reality. [youtube][/youtube] The above candid video (8 min) was shot in 2006 but it gives the spirit of what this new project is aiming to achieve. The statistics have changed since this video was shot — we have gotten bigger! What We Need & What You Get We need money to fund the equipment and production of the new film. As you can see our budget is cheap. We expect to get a lot of help from our international affiliates, but this budget is the bare minimum to complete the project. $3000 – HD camera and equipment $3000 on travel $5000 on production and distribution of the film. For your contribution, we […]