Food hero holds workshops

SOURCE: Caboolture News, Queensland Priya Vrata has published a book Food Yoga – nourishing the soul about the benifits of raw food both physically and spiritually. Photo Vicki Wood Leesa Petfield | 14th February 2012: INTERNATIONAL food yoga hero Yogi Priya Vrata (Paul Turner) – recently conducted two food yoga workshops on Bribie Island at the Witchie Woo Wellness B & B. Paul said he received positive feedback from both workshops. Some pupils said it was the most positive thing that had happened to them this year. All participants learnt the science of food yoga and were treated to a two-hour gourmet raw food demonstration. Paul is the international director of Food for Life and the director of Food for Life Global, the charity’s world headquarters. Food for Life is the largest plant-based food relief organisation in the world. The project is in more than 50 countries and serves up to two million meals daily. Paul’s journey began when he left home at 19. He lived in a commune in Sydney’s Blue Mountains where he was introduced to the fundamentals of Indian cooking by Akrura das, a former Hare Krishna monk. The experience ignited a desire in Paul to one day become a temple chef. Paul said he was always fascinated with karma and spirituality, so he joined the Krishna ashram in NSW and become a monk. During his time as a monk Paul said he learned the art of gourmet vegetarian cooking. In 1986 Paul started a Food for Life club and in 1989 his food yogi journey took him to the Hunter Valley region where he started a new Food for Life program. Paul soon realised that food was a wonderful communicator. Travelling to over 54 countries over the next 25 years, Paul helped to inspire and set up new Food for Life projects and train volunteers. […]

Food Yogi Workshop at the Witchie Woo Wellness Retreat

Yogi Priya conducted another Food Yogi workshop at the beautiful Witchie Woo Bed & Breakfast retreat centre on Bribie Island, owned and managed by entrepreneur, healer and visionary Craig Harmer. Twenty three partipants learned the science of Food Yoga and were then treated to a 2 hour raw gourmet food demonstration by Yogi Priya and his Food Yogi assistants, Craig, Vicki, and Ange. The raw food demonstration included: Nori, pepper, avocado salad Pumpkin Seed garden Pate’ Zucchini Tahini Hummus Brazil Nut milk Almond cheese Chocolate mint mango vegan cheesecake Chocolate strawberry vegan cheesecake Apple pie Mango ice cream Banana nutmeg ice cream and 6 power smoothies For more information about how you can have a Food Yogi workshop and raw gourmet demonstration, contact us now.   The Witchie Woo Wellness Retreat offers first class accommodation along with the following healing services: Massage Crystal Healing Yoga Reiki Psychic Readings Mediumship Mediation Kinesiology Hypnotherapy Contact your host Craig Harmer on Phone: 07 34081577 Mobile: 0488442283 Email: