Our Policy on Veganism

Food for Life Global is committed to solving world hunger by addressing its root cause — inequality. Our strategy is to demonstrate love and respect for all living beings through the liberal distribution of non-violent, plant-based meals prepared with loving intention. It is love and respect in action.

We understand the clear connection of commercial dairy with the wholesale abuse of billions of innocent cows, bull and calves. We do not condone the use of any commercial dairy in any of our projects. All funds collected by donors are exclusively used for vegan ingredients. Donors can be assured that all donations are only used for vegan food distribution and operations.

In 2012, The Food for Life Training Manual was revised and updated to include information on healthy food choices, the dangers of chemical additives and a warning to FFL volunteers about the using commercial dairy. On this point, our founder, Paul Rodney Turner, adopted a non-commercial dairy diet in 1998 after overwhelming evidence was presented to him about the abuse of calves in the commercial dairy industry.

The FFL.ORG web site has gone through many incarnations over the years and all were designed and developed by Turner. One of the key things he noticed was that many of the donors were specifically asking that their donations not be uses for prasadam distribution that contained dairy. So in 2009, Turner established a new policy that FFLG would not financially support any FFL projects that were serving prasadam containing dairy.