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It’s about time somebody wrote this book-and Paul Turner did it in an excellent way. A much needed contribution and soon to be staple for serious yogis. – Raghunath Cappo

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Author Paul Rodney Turner the “food yogi” takes you on a journey of rediscovering food and its importance in our spiritual evolution. FOOD YOGA not only offers practical guidance on how to live a healthy and happy life by reconnecting with nature, but also introduces the reader to the power of food as a uniter and a medium for expressing our love for the divine. Food yoga springs from the belief that the kind of food we eat affects our consciousness and subsequent behaviours. All the world’s great spiritual traditions have elaborate food offering rituals carefully designed to expand consciousness and all use food as a means to represent or please the Divine and to expand the consciousness of their followers. Food yoga is, in essence, a discipline that honors all spiritual paths by embracing their core teaching – that food in its most pure form is divine and therefore an excellent medium for spiritual purification.


“He who loves with purity considers not the gift of the lover, but the love of the giver.” – Thomas Kempis

Food & Science

Referencing the latest developments in Quantum Physics, I establish the fact that food is another form of energy. Taking this concept further, and pointing to the research of Dr. Emoto and Homeopathy, I show how thoughts and emotions are also energy. We all have a tendency to be so immersed in the physical domain that we forget the higher aspects of our being, and that the universe we live in is multidimensional. In this section, I make the case that we can learn a lot from other species.


We are Loved

This chapter provides some practical guidance on reconnecting to the natural world. I also aim to heighten the reader’s appreciation for Intelligent design by introducing the sacred geometry of whole foods. I propose that by becoming more aware of the loving ways in which Mother Nature serves our needs, we can learn to enjoy every moment of our lives.

Our True Nature

Returning to the central theme of the book, this chapter draws from various spiritual and cultural sources to establish that solid matter is an illusion and that we are all “spirits in a material world.” This apparent contradiction is accommodated in the Chinese concept of Yin Yang, wherein all aspects of existence are the balancing of opposite energies. Unfortunately, due to association with matter, the spirit identifies more with a temporary body and forgets their eternal higher Self. I propose that the path of Food Yoga offers a way to escape the Matrix.

The Gift of Food

Food is one of the universally accepted ways that we express love for one another. Whether the holiday is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Janmastami, or Diwali, none of these public holidays or religious festivals would be complete without the sharing of sumptuous food in a loving atmosphere. There is no greater medium than food to unite people of conflicting natures. Just about everyone will put aside differences to come together and eat. It is on this understanding that the Vedic culture of hospitality is based.

I didn’t know much about your background and am impressed by it. What a long time to be a monk! There was quite a lot I’d not heard before in the book, especially about the Torus shape... I’d heard that some Hindus and Krishnas don’t eat garlic/onions, and am glad to now know why. Really appreciated the line about how easy it is to find fault, but how little we gain by doing so. If only more animal advocates took that to heart.

Paul Shaprio
CEO: The Better Meat Co.

Finally - the book that tells the whole story about this thing we do three times a day: eat. FOOD YOGA shares in delicious prose both the spiritual and physical relevance of food in our lives, and how we can use it to heal ourselves and our planet. 'Should be must-read for anybody who's ever held a fork.

Victoria Moran
Main Street Vegan

Today I have a book recommendation for you My book today is called Food Yoga. My friend Paul who is the author was previously a Monk & now is known as the Food Yogi. He travels the world feeding the poor & teaching his way of life. He is an incredible man who inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach to nourish your body, mind and soul. Check out Paul's Facebook page to order his book,

Tegan Steele
Health Coach


“I saw Food Yoga as the natural evolution of Food for Life, “the upgrade,” if you will, and how it was important that I be honest and share my experience as a monk and volunteer of the organization — because in a sense my life was all about Food Yoga.” said Paul Rodney Turner, Director of Food for Life Global.