Donate Flight Miles to FFLG

Do you have unused miles that you’d like to donate to Food for Life Global?

Typically, making a donation of your miles is a three-step process. First, login to your airline mileage website, then choose a charity to receive your donation from a drop-down list of organizations that your airline has provided. Next, choose the number of miles to donate and then donate.

Although this is a quick and easy way to get your unused miles into the hands of a worthy organizations, it may not satisfy your need to give to your favorite charity, like Food for Life Global. If you’re willing to spend a little extra time, there’s a solution to this problem.

Your donation of frequent flyer award tickets can be donated directly to Food for Life Global.

Notice that I said “award tickets,” not miles. While you can donate miles to the airlines’ designated charity partners, you generally cannot transfer miles to non-profits not already on the airlines’ lists of supported organizations (just as you cannot readily transfer your miles to another individual’s account).

So in order to donate miles to Food for Life Global all you have to do is redeem your miles for tickets issued in the name of a FFL volunteer traveling on behalf of the organization.

This will simply require coordinating who will be traveling when they’ll be traveling, and where and then mailing the tickets. It requires a little more work, but it’s certainly more fulfilling than the anonymous donation of miles through the airline website.

Most airlines allow you to donate your miles to partner charities and nonprofit organizations, like the American Red Cross and Make-A-Wish. These donations support the operations and transportation needs of these organizations. If you have unused miles about to expire, don’t hesitate to donate.

Note: You can also donate by calling the airline customer support.

You can donate mileage now to FFL Director, Paul Rodney Turner

QANTASMileage # 0402603
JETBLUEMileage # 2051575052


For more specifical information for each airline, refer to this page