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Earthquakes have such destructive power, and we need to be well-organized so we can help people affected as soon as possible. One earthquake may severely damage buildings and infrastructure to leave terrifying consequences. People can lose their homes, and some, unfortunately, can lose their lives if we don’t react fast. Ground shaking and displacement might also lead to floods, fires, and other hazards which can further endanger local communities.

Earthquake hazards have been responsible for many deaths and left millions of people homeless or in poverty. Hence, many organizations, including ours, have earthquake relief programs that focus on providing urgent aid and emergency food relief to vulnerable groups of people. Our mission at Food for Life Global is to offer healthy plant-based meals that cover people’s basic needs and provide comfort in difficult times. 

How Can We Help Earthquake Victims?

The impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes can be felt for weeks, often even months. Rebuilding a town and recovering local residents takes time and lots of resources. United relief efforts can pull others out of crises, so we work closely with local organizations and volunteers. Our disaster relief food supplies reach the most vulnerable groups of people to provide them with proper nutrition and keep them healthy in any situation that can occur. 

Emergency food relief shouldn’t be just providing any kind of food. People need healthy, sustainable meals to get them through difficult situations. Plant-based food has proven to be the best possible choice for a balanced diet. Our earthquake relief program includes vegan meals because our core principles revolve around not only helping people but also taking care of animals’ well-being and the environment. 

People in affected areas need supplies of common necessities in addition to home-cooked meals. Since resources are scarce, we take care of every donated dollar to make sure evacuation zones have enough pallets of healthy food, water, and other supplies. 

If you want to donate to earthquake relief programs, it’s best to donate money online or donate cryptos, stocks, or other kinds of monetary aid. You shouldn’t send goods and ship supplies to recovery and evacuation zones by yourself because you don’t know what particular things are needed. Donating unnecessary relief supplies will add workload to volunteers who are dealing with little time and limited resources. Hence, monetary contributions can be much more helpful because they go toward things that are needed the most.

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Earthquake Relief Operations by FFL  

When earthquakes strike, Food for Life Global is there to provide emergency food relief. Our volunteers have delivered thousands of pure plant-based meals to earthquake victims.

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Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief

The Puerto Rico Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 devastated the Caribbean island in January 2020 and left hundreds of people without homes, hospitals, or schools. This earthquake, which is claimed to be one of the worst in the century, put Puerto Rico in an emergency state. Luckily the government and humanitarian organizations joined forces to get the power running again and help people affected. 

In disasters like this one, emergency food relief is crucial. People who have relocated to tents and other types of temporary accommodation need quality, home-cooked meals to provide comfort and energy. Our plant-based meals, carefully prepared with lots of love and care, were distributed with the help of our dedicated volunteers and delivered to the most vulnerable people in Puerto Rico in a timely manner.

Nepal Earthquake Relief 

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara in 2015. The entire region was affected by tremors and later aftershocks. Thousands of survivors were forced to spend the night outside or in emergency accommodation. The response was luckily fast and well-organized.

Our affiliate Food for Life Nepal delivered nutritious vegan meals to more than 90,000 people affected by the series of earthquakes. Volunteers also delivered relief supplies to vulnerable families, from rice, beans, and dhal to blankets and clothes. Nobody went to bed hungry, which is FFL's main mission.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 followed by fifty aftershocks struck Haiti in 2010. More than three million people were affected by the earthquake, and our volunteers from all over the world quickly reacted with emergency food relief and offered thousands of hot vegan meals. 

With the help from our partners, we’ve also built a school in Carrefour and provided the children there with a healthy vegan lunch every day since. Haiti still has major struggles to overcome, but with the help of international organizations including FFL, children have access to nutritious meals. 

Children Eating FoodWhere to Donate for Earthquake Relief

We highly encourage you to boost our relief efforts and support programs mentioned above. You can become a monthly member or acquire a lifetime membership with a generous donation. You’ll realize the value of your dollar because we make sure to provide nutritious vegan meals for as low as 25 cents. 

Donate to earthquake relief and make a difference today!

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