Pupils try tasty alternative to white bread – FFL New Zealand

Pupils try tasty alternative to white bread – FFL New Zealand

FLAT OUT: Food for Life founder Buddhi Wilcox tests out the new chapati maker which yesterday made 400 of the flatbread for schoolchildren. PHOTO/JOHN STONE

By Jessica Roden Source: – Northern Advocate FLAT OUT: Food for Life founder Buddhi Wilcox tests out the new chapati maker which yesterday made 400 of the flatbread for schoolchildren. PHOTO/JOHN STONE A healthy alternative to “nasty” cheap white bread is on the menu for hundreds of Northland schoolkids thanks to a $10,000 donation all the way from Singapore. Food for Life founder Buddhi Wilcox had been wanting to make chapati – a thin pancake of unleavened wholemeal bread – for the students for years. Founded in 2012, the organisation provides free, nutritious vegetarian meals weekly to more than 1000 Whangarei schoolchildren. Unfortunately making chapati is quite time-consuming, with it likely taking a volunteer five or six hours to make the number required. “The whole idea for me was at the schools a lot of the kids are just used to having cheap nasty white bread,” Mr Wilcox said. “This (chapati) is a staple diet in India and it’s part of a good balanced meal.” Normally the commercial chapati making machines were very large, though Mr Wilcox managed to find a small one less than 2m long online from the United States. At a cost of about $10,000 the organisation was unable to afford it alone. He wrote to Atin Kukrejas who lives in Singapore with his wife Fleur, who is from Whangarei. When they were here visiting her family at the start of last year Mr Kukrejas offered to sponsor a school for an entire year. “He wrote back and said how much is it and then just sent a cheque,” Mr Wilcox said. “It’s a lot of money but at the same time that’s going to last a lifetime. If we add it up over the years and the amount of chapati it’s going to make it’s not that […]

MIEdu grants $1500 to needy kids abroad


The Motivate and Inspire Educational Academy (MIEdu) located in Forsyth County helps students attain their academic goals while also engaging all the profits to help feed and educate children in need. With the profits earned from their work, they have chosen Food for Life Global to be responsible for allocating the funds to deserving children. This time we’ve chosen two projects to benefit from this donation: Food for Life Vrindavan, a school that educates and feeds over 1500 underprivileged children from the poorest parts of India and the FOOD YOGA Academy in Colombia that is launching a Meat-Free Monday campaign into low-income schools throughout Bogota.

Mr. Jackson – We can feed a child for less than 50 cents

Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and actor from New York City. With the aid of Eminem and Dr. Dre (who produced his first major-label album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’). During his career Jackson has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. However, what most people don’t know about Mr. Jackson is that he is a great philanthropist. In July 2011, Jackson launched a philanthropic initiative to provide food for one billion starving people in Africa by 2016, joining Pure Growth Partners to introduce Street King. A portion of the proceeds from each Street King purchase would be used to provide a daily meal to an underprivileged child. The partnership coincides with Jackson’s goal to feed a billion people in Africa during the next five years. In the same year, he founded SMS Audio, a consumer-electronics company selling Street by 50 headphones, pledging to donate a portion of their sales to charity. Food for Life Global has affiliates in Africa and are some of the longest running projects in our history. One of premier projects in based in Durban, South Africa and was endorsed by the late, great Nelson Mandela. Up to 5000 meals a day were being served during the height of this program’s success and it has served tens of millions of meals since its inception in the 80s. As of this writing, Mr. Jackson has filed for bankruptcy and the case is being heard on July 17, 2015. However, to our knowledge his partnership with Pure Growth Partners continues and profits from the energy drinks are being used to feed children. We wish Mr. Jackson success in this noble endeavor and hope that he will consider supporting the work of Food for Life Global in Africa […]