Latest video from Food for Life Annamrita

Latest video from Food for Life Annamrita

Food for Life Annamrita project, founded by ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is having a major impact on child malnutrition in India and directly improving the academic status of millions of school children throughout India. To learn more about this amazing project, visit:

Food for Life responds to massive floods in Argentina


On February 15, six people died in the town of Río Ceballos Cordoba, Argentina, after massive floods tore through the region from heavy storms. An estimated 20,000 people have lost their homes, as the rivers overflowed, dragging everything in their path. For the last 8 months Food for Life volunteers have been providing hot meals throughout Cordoba from their Motorhome, so when the floods hit, the 15-person team, led by Fernando Barrera (Viṣṇurāta das) responded immediately, using a truck to deliver mattresses, blankets, shoes, clothing, coats, clean water, nonperishable foods and freshly cooked plant-based meals they cooked in their small kitchen. In emergencies like this, food is often not enough, so the team is also providing medical supplies, including hydrogen peroxide, gauze, thermometers, bandages, syringes, and needles. More than 60,000 people were affected by the floods. Some neighbourhoods are without electricity and still having to deal with flooded streets. Many bridges have collapsed and access throughout the area is a major challenge. The local police, Puesto de Verificación del Automotor N’ 1. Policía de Córdoba, have been impressed with the efforts of the Food for Life team and are even collecting donations on their behalf.  The mayor of Rio Ceballos, one of the worst affected areas, said this morning, “The floods have totally destroyed everything.” HELP NOW Donate via Food for Life Global to help support these relief efforts.  See media report: Photo gallery on Facebook:

A Well-Fed World offers matching grant up to $10,000


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 18, 2015 – US-based non-profit A Well-Fed World (AWFW) is offering a $10,000 matching grant to help FFLG affiliate, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary’s IndieGoGo campaign! Juliana Castaneda Turner (Jagannatha Priya) runs the only no-kill animal sanctuary in Colombia and the only sanctuary that protects cows. Her project is very unique here in Colombia, where animal abuse is common. “Every donation goes very far in Colombia, so please help us reach $10,000 before February 27 so we are eligible to receive an additional $10,000 from A Well-Fed World. Or, if you can’t donate, at least share this message with your friends,” said Juliana.  Food for Life Global is so honoured to be working with A Well-Fed World. Dawn Moncrief, the director of AWFW has been a long time supporter of Food for Life programs, providing numerous grants to ISKCON projects since 2009. Help Juliana Reach $10,000 To support Juliana’s IndieGoGo Campaign and help her reach $10,000, go to: To learn more about Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, visit: About a A Well-Fed World A Well-Fed World (AWFW) is a hunger relief & animal protection organisation that is a fiscal partner to Food for Life Global and has funded numerous prasadam distribution efforts over the years. In addition to their advocacy, AWFW works through its partnership network (that includes Food for Life Global) to distribute vegan food to people in need, build food gardens in low-income countries, and strengthen farm animal care and rescue. AWFW has a positive, practical, and action-led approach that produces immediate assistance for those in need and structural change for lasting results. In addition to their direct programs, they raise funds, partner with, and promote innovative, highly effective projects that strengthen: vegan feeding & farming programs farm animal care & rescue efforts pro-veg advocacy & community building To learn more about A Well-Fed World, visit

FFL Affiliate partners with McCartney’s Meat-free Monday Campaign


Paul McCartney is famous for his vegetarian advocacy, helping numerous non-profits get their message out, however, in 2009, Paul and his two daughter’s Mary and Stella decided to take their passion to the next level and launch a Meat-free Monday campaign across the United Kingdom. The campaign caught the attention of numerous Hollywood celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Keven Spacey, and Woody Harrelson, as well as food celebrity Jamie Oliver and Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Nearly 1 million people have pledged to follow the campaign’s objective of a meat-free Monday. Juliana Castaneda Turner, founder of Juliana’s animal sanctuary has been a lifetime fan of McCartney and was pleasantly surprised when she got the approval to represent the campaign in Colombia.  “My objective with this sanctuary is to teach people by example that all animals deserve love and respect and so representing the Meat-free Monday campaign fits perfectly with our education outreach plans,” she explained. The Plight of Farmed Animals  The campaign sheds light on the fact that billions of animals are farmed and killed for meat each year. Most of them are raised in intensive factory farms, in cramped, overcrowded cages, sheds and pens. With no room to stretch limbs or wings and no access to daylight or fresh air, intensively reared animals are often diseased, injured and dying due to the unnatural conditions they are kept in. Farmed animals are subjected to mutilations such as having their beaks clipped, their teeth pulled out and their tails docked to stop them from pecking and wounding each other through boredom and frustration. All farmed animals end their lives with a brutal death at the slaughterhouse. Eating less meat is a compassionate step that helps prevent cruelty and suffering. Juliana’s Lifelong Passion to help Animals It has been more than 10 years […]

ISIS Hostage and Food For Life Volunteer Kayla Mueller Is Killed

Source: ISKCON News Staff ISKCON News on Feb. 11, 2015 Photo Credits: Kayla Mueller with one of the underprivileged children of Vrindavan American aid worker Kayla Mueller, 26, from Prescott, Arizona, who had been held hostage by Islamic State militants for 18 months, had been killed on February 6th in Syria. She was also an active volunteer in Hare Krishna movement projects, with a deep interest in the practice of bhakti-yoga. According to international news agencies, Mueller’s family received an email and photograph over the weekend from her captors that enabled American intelligence to determine that she had been killed, U.S. officials said. The circumstances of Kayla’s death are unclear, and U.S. President Barack Obama vowed to hunt down the culprits. Islamic State claims that Mueller was killed when Jordanian fighter jets bombed a building where she was being held outside Raqqa, a stronghold in Syria of the Islamist militant group. Jordan and U.S. officials have expressed doubt about Islamic State’s account of her death. Kayla loved helping children According to a family spokesperson Kayla Mueller has been held by the terrorist group for nearly two years and was abducted August 4, 2013, while serving on a humanitarian mission in the region. She was returning from a Doctors Without Borders facility at the time of her abduction. She had been working primarily with women and children in the region, delivering humanitarian aid to those displaced by the Syrian conflict. ISIS had previously demanded $6.6 million for her release, but the American and British governments have refused to pay ransoms for their citizens. ISKCON US has organized a vigil for Kayla, who was a compassionate devotee of Krishna. Some of the members of the ISKCON knew her and encouraged her in her decision to do humanitarian work. Kayla in the Sandipani […]