Food for Life in Ukraine – Even a war can’t stop us

Food for Life in Ukraine – Even a war can’t stop us

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[youtube][/youtube] Food for Life Ukraine is battling against all odds to bring hope and healthy meals to victims of the current conflict. Volunteers are serving thousands of hot plant-based meals all over the region to needy families.  [youtube][/youtube] The above video is 3 days in the life of volunteers of Food for Life in Donetsk. The video highlights some of the places FFL volunteers are serving free meals: Monday and Thursday of Ilovaysk – 700 servings; Tuesday: Khartsyzk – 700 servings; Wednesday: village Kommunar -700 servings; Orehovo -150 servings; village Pastuhovka -150 servings. Volunteers also visit centers for pensioners and single disabled citizens in Kalinin, Kiev, Kuibyshev and Petrovsky.  (Above) Some of the volunteers of the Food for Life Donetsk — a cohesive group filled with compassion for people, regardless of race, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs — for cold and hunger have no national boundaries!  (Above) In early January, Food for Life Donetsk added a new member – Eugene. He came from Irkutsk to join the team. Here he is helping to serve hot food to villagers near Communar. Food for Life Volunteers from Lugansk, Ukraine opened a social dining room to provide hot meals to  155 people. Their tasty lunch consisted of pea soup, bread and semolina pudding. “The electricity went off before we could complete cooking the porridge and so our cooks thought not to serve it out, but the people demanded it, so we happily obliged,” explained one of the volunteers.  Many people have expressed admiration for FFL’s soup. Many of them had no idea that vegetarian soup can be so delicious.  Visit their website: DONATE NOW VIA  Western Union, PrivatMoney, Unistream, or CoinstarBeneficiary: STREBLYANSKIY SVYATOSLAV,  Ukraine MakeevkaPhone + 38050-870-80-93 + 38093-399-13-98. To Support these noble efforts, you can also donate via Food for Life Global. Please indicate that this is for Food for Life Ukraine.

Food for Life Vrindavan latest documentary

[youtube][/youtube] Made by Emmy award-winning producer Robyn Symon ( for Life Vrindavan (FFLV) is a humanitarian aid organisation officially recognized by the Indian government and is one of the finest examples of Food for Life around the world. For the last ten years, FFLV has worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area (120 Km south of New Delhi). serving million of healthy meals to children.  Their free school for the poor now cares for 1500 + young girls providing them a full education, three meals a day and medical care.  To support Food for Life Vrindavan, visit 

Food for Life South Africa latest video

[youtube][/youtube] FOOD FOR LIFE KZN currently distributes approximately 5000 plates of food per day to the poverty stricken people of Durban and surrounding areas. Their vision is to become the leading humanitarian organisation in the country by creating a hunger free society in South Africa through free food distribution, driven by principles of integrity and purity and their short term goals are to reach 10 000 meals per day. To support Food for Life South Africa visit

Breakthrough Food Rising inventions to be launched in 30 days


SOURCE: (NaturalNews) The Food Rising Revolution launches in about 30 days, unleashing the world’s first non-profit, non-electric, home-based food and medicine production system based on 3D printable parts you can download for free. Today, I’m bringing you some teaser photos of some of the parts I’ve engineered for the Food Rising Revolution (see below). Join the email list to receive upcoming announcements at What is the Food Rising Revolution? In early 2014, I began putting together a concept for a revolutionary non-electric food and medicine production system that could be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, to produce food, medicine and food concentrate supplements at very little cost. These innovations, I knew, had to be completely independent from the corporate-controlled food and medicine systems that now dominate and destroy so much in our world: our health, our environment, our top soils and even our seeds. In the interests of the public good, I decided early on that this technology would be given freely to humanity and not monopolized or centralized. The future of humanity, I realized, could only be made better if capable inventors like myself openly share our innovations with the world rather than trying to restrict them, control them and limit them. For these reasons, the Food Rising Revolution is deliberately: Decentralized, grassroots innovation for the People Peer-to-peer open source technology to be freely shared NOT funded by any government, university, corporation or globalist Created by liberty-loving inventor Mike Adams, a strong proponent of the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Tenth Amendment, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution and the philosophy of liberty for all. This entire invention is divinely inspired and founded in liberty. Invented in Texas, with a 3D print farm now operating in Texas to produce key components for those who don’t have […]

Student Entrepreneur Giving Back to the Community

The Motivate and Inspire Educational Academy opened couple month ago in Forsyth County has already helped students attain their academic goals. It is quickly becoming a tremendous success because middle-school students relate well to their high school instructors. Perhaps the most fascinating and impressive concept about the academy is its owner and founder, Anirudh Bikmal, who is only a high school junior. An exemplary role model for his peers, Mr. Bikmal is an insightful visionary and entrepreneur who has proactively turned his dreams into a reality. Anirudh has always felt his greatest reward comes from knowing he has given back to others and believes in building a karma-free society. When asked what propelled him to start a tutoring academy at such a young age, he explained, “Throughout my sophomore and junior year I realized the number of students excelling in Georgia was exceedingly low. Bringing together friends and fellow students who are accomplished in multiple activities, I created the Motivate & Inspire Educational Academy (MIEdu Academy). The academy is founded on the principle that collective experience of successful high students in key areas will empower students with the drive to succeed. We are committed to offering a standard of excellence and I was determined to make this academy ‘happen’ – despite any challenges we had to face. Since my staff is comprised of overachievers, it is a priority that my instructors manage their time wisely to avoid compromising their own grades”. Marketing his idea proved to be a challenge as well, but Anirudh is not one to be easily discouraged. “If I had to cite my strongest marketing strategy, I would have to say it was brainstorming. I first decided what would greatly appeal to young students and their parents. I also recalled how I myself had always wanted to […]

FFL Hungary bringing hearty meals for Christmas

ISKCON Hungary Celebrates Christmas With Massive Food Distribution During the month of December, ‘Food For Life Hungary,’ ISKCON Hungary’s charity program, distributed 30 tons of dry food (rice, flour, oil, pasta, and canned vegetables) as well as 30,000 hot plant-based meals to the needy all across the country. Over 5,000 plates of prasadam was distributed on December 24-25-26 in Budapest. Thousands lined up in Budapest to get food from Food for Life Hungary. The ‘Christmas packages’ that the volunteers gave out in 12 locations around the country were the only source of food for many families during the cold winter and holiday season. According to surveys, in Hungary there are about 250,000 children living under the poverty line. During school season every student in the country is being provided free food by the government, but during the two weeks of the winter holidays the under-privileged children are deprived of hot meals and adequate nutrition. This year, ISKCON Hungary decided to step in and take care of the needs of these children. Besides the hot meals, the packages for each family contains enough ingredients to cook meals for weeks. To help share the Christmas joy all the children received candies, toys, crayons and other presents from the volunteers. Every year many celebrities join Food for Life Hungary for the Christmas food distribution and this year was no exception, with mayors, parliament members, rock stars, television hosts, athletes, journalists, singers, composers and other artists all helped to hand out the free lunches and Christmas presents to thousands of needy families. See Facebook Album