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Food for Life Training Manual (3rd Edition)
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What's Inside the FFL Training Manual?

Forward by H.H. Mukunda Goswami

Maharaja gives his assessment of the importance of a well-run Food for Life project for the success of ISKCON.

The Meaning of Food for Life

The most important place to start is to understand what the Food for Life project is and is not.

How Do I Start my Food for Life Program?

Some practical advice on how to get started today on a very low budget.

Where Should I Distribute?

There are numerous ways to operate your FFL project, including from the temple, from a soup kitchen, in partnership with another NGO, or a mobile service, etc.

The Different Kinds of FFL Programs

Food for Life projects may have unique missions based on the needs of the local community

A Direct Challenge to Naysayers

Jayadvaita Swami and others have been very vocal in protesting the legitimacy of Food for Life. In this section, we directly address each one of their criticisms.

What Should I Distribute?

There is no reason why you have to serve Indian cuisine. Prasadam is not tied to a particular country and Prabhupada encouraged devotees to cook according to local taste.

The Ideal Menu

Whatever your budget allows and the parameters of your local community’s taste preference. I also discuss the dangers of commercial milk.

How Should I Distribute?

We look into Vaisnava etiquette and the hygiene standards for public food distribution.

Rules of Serving Prasadam

There is a right way and a wrong way to serve prasadam.

Preaching with Food for Life

Just about every aspect of Krishna Consciousness can be introduced through the Food for Life project. In this section, I explain how.

Government Relations

Prabhupada said that it was important for devotees to capture the attention and support of the leaders of society. I explain how.

Media Relations

The “Brhat Mrdange” of book distribution was Srila Bhaktisiddhanta’s way of reaching the masses. In this section, we talk about how to reach the masses with your FFL message using modern media.

Fundraising with Food for Life

Fundraising requires “Friend” raising, so here we discuss the fundamentals of a good strategy.

Government Funding

The Government has a lot of money to give you if you position your project in the right way and follow the rules of transparency.

How to Manage your FFL Project

Here we discuss some good managerial tactics to keep the ship running.

What did Prabhupada Say in Support of Food for Life?

In this section, we present all the best quotes from Prabupada about prasadam distribution. There is more than enough to convince any doubter.

A SAMPLE Food for Life Constitution

A sample constitution that you can use when registering your charity with the government.

And More...

Even more nectar, including information on bogus ingredients in foods, etc.


Praise for the FFLG Training Manual

I recommend this book to all prasadam distributors.



I am eternally indebted to Priyavrata for his selfless determination and dedication to assist me in helping to develop this essential field of Krishna consciousness activity.


This is a fabulous book for all prasadam devotees.



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