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(NON DAIRY) $Milk and $Butter Tokens

Adding value to society through Defi

The purpose of the Milk and Butter tokens is to provide a fun way for token holders to give back to society. Both the Milk Token and Butter Tokens are deflationary in that the total supply of these tokens decreases with time. Charity fees are collected on every Butter transaction and the holders of the Butter token can then use their tokens to cast their vote on which charity should receive the next donation. We're in the process of fleshing out the Milk and Butter tokens so come along for the ride!




Milk Token

The Milk Token is a Burn/Redistribution /Auto-liquidity Token

• 2% Redistribution

Milk Holders will receive 2% of every transaction using Milk proportional to their share of the total supply

• 4% Liquidity

The Milk Token contract takes 4% of every contract and locks those tokens into a liquidity pair to ensure it is always tradeable on Pancakeswap

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Butter Token

The Butter Token is a Charity/Burn/ Staking Rewards Token

• 5% Charity

5% of transactions using the Butter token are collected by the Butter Token contract and sold into BNB that is reserved to be collected by the Charity Wallet

• 2% Liquidity

The Butter Token contract takes 2% of every contract and locks those tokens into a liquidity pair to ensure it is always tradeable on Pancakeswap

• 2% Staking Rewards

Milk Holders who have staked their Milk in the Butter Churn earn 2% of every Butter transaction proportional to their share of the Milk staking pool

• 1% Expenses Fee

1% of Butter transactions are sold into BNB and reserved in the contract to be collected by an expenses wallet for use in marketing/promotion/business expenses related to the Milk and Butter tokens

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Donate Milk or Butter Tokens Directly to Food for Life Global

Your donation must exceed $50 to cover the cost of the shirt and shipping. Food for Life Global has a Crypto Wallet that is connected to the Milk and Butter Token Binance Smart Chain, so holders of the Milk and Butter token can donate directly to our charity wallet:


If you would like to donate other forms of cryptocurrency, go to our charity listing on the Giving Block here

Ending World Hunger

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Keeping Things Transparent

Food for Life Global is a 100% voluntarily funded organization. For every $1 you give, 70 cents goes directly to programs supporting food relief. Of the remaining funds, 10 cents helps run Food for Life Global, including advocacy, training, education, and 20 cents goes towards raising the next $1 to help us continue our important work.