When we decide to live a vegan lifestyle, we begin to seek transparency in all areas of our lives, with the products we buy and the companies we support. We begin to question why the animal rights organizations that we use to pride ourselves in donating to serve meat at their fundraising events or why they sell leather goods in their stores.

From vegan charities in the US to vegan charities in the UK and even vegan charities in Australia and beyond, there are so many ethical charities out there, however, only some of them are fully vegan charities operating under vegan ethics.

These are the vegan non profit organizations that we should strive to support. They fight for their specific causes and by being fully vegan, they are also supporting the end of world hunger, a healthier environment, and a more ethical world, alongside their original cause.

Why do people start vegan non-profit organizations?

Vegan non-profit organizations are created to end animal exploitation and to bring attention to the importance of animal rights. However, quite often, the groups who work to fight malnutrition or violence are doing so while promoting the consumption and use of animal-based products.

People are beginning to see the hypocrisy of this and are beginning their own organizations to help a cause that they are passionate about while maintaining vegan ethics. While there are plenty of vegan charity organizations out there, it can be difficult to know how to find truly ethical vegan charity organizations to donate to?

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How do we find the most ethical charities to donate to?

A quick search online will give you a long list of charities or non-profits fighting for animals. So, what makes a charity vegan, and why are vegan animal charities more ethical?

The ethos behind an ethical non-profit vegan organization is one that does not sacrifice one disadvantaged group at the benefit of another, regardless of the cause they’re championing. For example, when working towards equality for women, they wouldn’t sacrifice the well-being of people of color or non-binary people. Organizations that aim to feed people who are malnourished or poor, avoid causing suffering to animals by providing them with solely vegan food. NGOs who support renewable energy sources wouldn’t do so at the expense of taking away indigenous territory.

Finding the best vegan charities means doing research into their mission and work, and making sure they are truly aligned against all forms of oppression. Websites like the Animal Charity Evaluators are dedicated to helping find the best charities to give to. Once we’ve found those truly aligned organizations, we can help get their message out there.

What are some of the best charities to donate to?

Whatever vegan-friendly charities you want to support, it’s entirely possible to support and donate to groups who serve multiple purposes. Here are some of the great causes out there.

Feed Humans

The aim of a vegan food charity is to provide nourishing, plant-based food to the hungry while combating events that cause food distress. Plant-based food provides the highest crop yields and is less water and resource-intensive than rearing animals.


Animal Rescue & Sanctuaries

Animal sanctuaries are an important part of the recovery process for rescued animals.
Not only do they care for animals in need, but they educate the public on the suffering of farmed animals, which aims to encourage people to go vegan and prevent more animals from being subjected to this cycle.

Help The Environment & Community

There are so many environmental causes to support, and they often intersect with each other. Shifting towards renewable energy depends on preserving nature and biodiversity, which is fully intertwined with how we grow crops and feed the world. Check out these incredible nonprofit vegan organizations that support environmental causes.

Vegan & Health Education

Educating the public on the advantages of going vegan, and supporting them through the change is an important part of moving towards a vegan world. Not only can we help people become healthier, but we can save the environment and animals at the same time.

Everyday Ventures

While donating to charities is an amazing way to help the animal rights movement, we can also strive to support vegans businesses and individuals in our everyday lives. Whether that’s seeking out a specifically vegan freelancer or purchasing from a completely vegan bakery, you’ll know that your money isn’t going towards someone’s hamburger.

Donate Today

These are just a few of the incredible vegan charities to donate to whose ethics align with a vegan lifestyle, and whose efforts are multi-faceted towards defeating all types of oppression.

It is possible to help others without causing any suffering to animals or endangering the environment in the process. One thing you can do is donate to our work. You can also check out some of our information on the ways you can take action today.