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humanDAO is a social impact project using blockchain tech (NFTs, DeFi, Dapps, etc.) to offer new ways of earning.
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Order Date Description Quantity Blockchain Verification
33,317 2022-07-04 Feed Children in Need 220 43293275b2a53802296cdfad480771e2f288918bfac6dbdc9827bac772bdfd18
33,316 2022-06-01 Feed Children in Need 340 d0d8fe5efd9e9c9bf18cd9cfaa824651f790af5a41ba0ec650b5f67eb30b0920
33,315 2022-05-04 Feed Children in Need 690 5fd495a3c96ec2653ed3f2477b417bdfd99fb4d6897676d4cba5bccdfe03082a
33,692 2022-04-11 Feed Children in Need 795 1c024a2bdd21d8f66ca05cdd6625d1ce209d9aa5e7762feb7b859f970d606884
33,314 2022-03-03 Feed Children in Need 700 b858c8584d109e00efada5d4daa8c81bce1557ffc0b5232b167f354701068338
32,931 2022-02-07 Feed Children in Need 500 3067e307a38cd7c41e1afaeb94a568148ef6cea87c1d19d1bf850a22be93f4c0