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捐赠给其中之一 Food for Life Global’s sheltered animals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains means you agree to help with the animal’s medical care and livelihood. For as little as $10 a month, you can support maintaining fences, covering vet expenses, and provide food and care for the animals. There are only five human carers for these lovely animals and all of them are volunteers! Taking care of 140 animals is time-consuming work. These innocent animals need your support! Juliana’s Animal sanctuary is a registered 501 c3 in the United States, and so too is Food for Life Global. 代表庇护所收集的所有捐款都将捐赠给庇护所。 所有捐款均可免税。 您每月的承诺将保证他们过上幸福无忧的生活。


在朱莉安娜的动物保护区,我们相信所有动物都值得尊重和保护。 我们的口号:众生平等是我们从阿西西的圣弗朗西斯那里学到的,他教导说所有动物都是我们的兄弟姐妹。 有了这种理解,我们就不会通过人为指定什么动物是“宠物”和什么动物是“食物”来区分。 对我们来说,所有的动物都是家人。 我们动物保护区的主要目标是教导世界所有生物都值得尊重。


我们的动物保护区位于哥伦比亚的安第斯山脉。 我们是几位志愿者,致力于照顾 140 只获救的动物,包括公牛、母牛、骆驼、绵羊、山羊、狗、猫、公鸡、鸡、兔子、猪、马,以及教育人们如何以及为什么我们必须尊重动物并采用植物性饮食。 我们实际上是通过展示它们的美丽以及它们与我们的相似程度来做到这一点的。 我们相信,整个人类已经与动物失去了联系,现在只将它们视为对象,但是一旦人们再次与动物,尤其是农场动物建立联系,通过拥抱它们并在自然和平的环境中与它们共度时光,它们就会离开更快乐,对生活有全新的看法。 动物就像我们一样——它们想要爱、想要和平、拥有自由、尊重和友谊。


巴拉拉玛真的是一个巨人。 站立时,他的肩膀高6英尺,体重必定超过了1500磅,但是他是最可爱,最温柔的人。 他是朱莉安娜(Juliana)的“大男孩”,她非常爱他。 您会注意到他的额头上有一个非常独特的标记- 爱的心!

The story of Balarama’s arrival at our farm is a sad one, but also a day to rejoice. He was the son of a dairy cow that escaped to our farm. His mother broke through the fence and came to our farm distressed, looking for a safe haven to give birth to her new calf. Instinctively, she knew that if the calf was male he would be killed within days and if female it would be destined to the dairy industry’s slavery and eventually killed. So Balaram was born on our farm and we took care of him from that day on. Juliana became his mother. To read a full story, go here:Brave Mother Cow Escapes Farmer To Save Her Newborn Son’s Life