Drum, Dance, Pray project – NEW

Food for Life Global’s Califormia,Drum,Dance,Pray的分支机构正在与各种组织,社区,音乐家,鼓圈和艺术家团结一致,以宣传FFLG的团结与平等信息。




邀请所有195个国家/地区在每个星期日与Drumcircle一起在各自的时区组织一个四小时的鼓圈活动,所有国家的人道主义和环境发言人每周都会报告。 行星团结起来,行星相互交流,创造了我们想要生活的世界。 Food for Life Global West Coast Rep, Punya Das is the brains and heart behind the drum, dance and pray project that is bringing together people from every demographic to sing, dance and pray for world peace and unity.

The website of the project boldly claims:”We are servants of world peace; praying for an end to all wars, hunger, malnutrition, starvation, and homelessness inspiring the development of a pure relationship with Mother Earth.” LA locals RSVP bit.ly/ladrum4peaceNon-Local and International bit.ly/SyncGlobalDrumCircleLIKE our page and support global unity! Time Is Now Cooperative.