Juliana's Animal Sanctuary, the only no-kill animal sanctuary in Colombia, is asking for donations through its new crowd funding campaign.
by Brianne Hogan
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Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, the only no-kill animal sanctuary in Colombia, is asking for donations through its new crowd funding campaign.

Compassion for animals in Colombia is hard to come by. From the hundreds of thousands of starving dogs roaming the streets to the millions of animals raised for food, dedicating one’s life to saving animals isn’t the norm. But that’s exactly what Juliana Castaneda Turner is doing. Through hard work and determination, she founded Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, which opened in 2009. At the time, the safe haven housed nine dogs, one cow and baby calf, and a horse. Today, it is home to 60 rescued animals, including Pola the Pig. 

But due to land disputes the animals were forced to move to a temporary rental property, and Juliana is turning to crowd funding for her sanctuary’s survival. The goal is to reach $25,000 by October 1. So far, the sanctuary has raised over $14,000 — $5000 of which was recently donated by songwriter Diane Warren. Other notable donors include Jane Velez-Mitchell and Mark Pontius of the band Foster the People who recently visited the sanctuary and said, “So happy to see your two wonderful new family members, Pola and Perla! Keep up the great work down there! I’m always rooting for you guys!”

The money raised will go towards maintaining the sanctuary, including land rent, veterinary visits, food for the animals, repairs, and utilities.

Next year, Juliana plans to purchase a new permanent property where she can protect the rescued animals under her care. “For now though, I just need to secure their safety for another year,” she said.

It’s a wonderful cause, and we certainly hope that Juliana and the animals reach their goal and more!

Watch the sanctuary’s video about Pola and the other animals, here:


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