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The Story


Animals in Colombia face shocking cruelty every day. From the hundreds of thousands of starving dogs roaming the streets to the millions of animals raised for food, compassion for these individuals is harm to come by. They face unthinkable amounts of neglect and abuse and are not protected by any laws. In a country where so much is taken from animals, including their dignity, comfort, joy, and freedom, there is one organization that is fighting to give something back to these abused souls.

This project is endorsed by Food for Life Global and A Well-Fed Worldhas offered a $10,000 matching grant. Please help us reach our goal! 

Pola, the Freedom-Fighting Pig is saved Pola the Pig was rescued from a horrific situation – living in filth amongst 180 hungry dogs who would constantly attack her. Pola gets her name from the famous teenage freedom fighter “La Pola” who gave her life for Colombian independence. Pola, the pig was rescued on Colombia’s independence day, July 21. She now joins the protected residents at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.

Hope for Animals

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit charity registered in the US that runs the only sanctuary in Colombia that offers farmed and domestic animals a safe haven. And as long as it exists, millions of animals will have hope for a better future. Because every day, the passionate, hardworking individuals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary provide compassion and love to the 60+ animal residents––and they're spreading a message of compassion far and wide throughout Colombia through education and example. 

Our Urgent Need

The 68 animals who reside at our sanctuary are currently at risk of losing the only safe home they’ve ever known. Even $1 is really helpful. If everyone that has read about this campaign made a $1 donation, we would have doubled our goal! 

Please don't be shy. 

In 2008, we obtained land to build the sanctuary. However, due to bribes and intimidation (common in Colombia), we were forced to vacate the property and rent out another piece of land. We had very few options. We signed a contract in which we now have to pay a year in advance for the land we are currently renting. Over the next year, we will settle the lawsuit for the prior piece of land so we can buy another one to permanently move to. However, until that lawsuit is settled, we need to pay rent for our current land. We urgently need $25,000 to make due and pay our rent. With your help, we believe we can get through this rough patch and continue to provide animals in Colombia with a safe haven.

Where Your Money Will Go

We strongly believe in transparency. You can be confident in knowing all of your donation is going directly to our sanctuary and our animals. Here is the breakdown of how your money will be used:

  1. Rent that is required one year in advance in order to keep the land of our sanctuary: $17,000
  2. Modest salary for animal caretaker: $300
  3. A month and a half of animal care expenses:
    • Feed: $2,025
    • Veterinary costs: $975
    • Rescue fund: $350
    • Repairs fund: $450
    • Utilities: $1,200
    • Meat-free Monday campaign launch $3000

When the campaign is complete, you will receive frequent updates on when and how the money has been used.

Get to Know Our Family!

We would love to tell you a little about our residents.

Balarama, the ox
Unlike most of our animals, Balarama was born in our sanctuary. His mother had escaped a local dairy farm in hopes of giving birth somewhere safe. After Balarama was born, the farmer located his mother and took her away, leaving Balarama to our care. Although Balarama never saw his mother again, she would be happy to know that he is cherished here at our sanctuary. Aside from his remarkably gentle nature, the heart-shaped spot on his head is what makes him so special to us; a true testament of our love for him. See a picture of Balaram.

Pola, the "freedom-fighting" pig
For the last eight years, Pola was living in filth with over 100 hungry dogs who would constantly attack her. These attacks left her without a tail and scars that will never heal. The day we rescued Pola was Independence Day in Colombia, which was an incredible realization for us. To always remember this, we named Pola after Policarpa Salavarrieta, “La Pola,” a Colombian freedom fighter. To us, Pola will always be known affectionately as the freedom-fighting pig! See a picture of Pola.

Ahimsa, the dog
Seven years ago, Ahimsa was found with a rope around her neck so tight that it had broken through her skin and tied up around her trachea. After recovering from these injuries, three different families attempted to adopt Ahimsa, but she was prone to feeling depressed and only wanted to live with us. Due to her past injuries, Ahimsa needs physical therapy every week to help with her spinal issues. Ahimsa is a very shy dog and still feels depressed once in a while; she often relies on the comfort of her favorite teddy bear. Despite her painful past, Ahimsa loves to wrap her hands around people’s necks to show her love and gratitude for her caretakers. See a picture of Ahimsa.

The Animals Are Counting On Us
Animals never forget. Balarama has a memory of his mother and her sacrifice, but will never see her again. Pola wondered what she had done wrong to be forced to live in filth and have animals torture her endlessly. Ahimsa thought she would never find relief from the tight rope around her neck. We see these animals every day, and if they could speak our language, they would recall in painful detail how they felt during those times and how hopeless it all seemed.

At our sanctuary, we showed these individuals that hope does exist. Every day, we prove to them that a life of freedom without suffering is possible. Previously, these animals never knew compassion from humans. However, that is now in the past. Today, the animals at our sanctuary not only receive the affection they deserve from our caretakers, but also the unconditional support of animal lovers like you. We cannot help the animals forget their hurtful memories. However, with your support, we can guarantee that every memory from now on will be a happy one. 

Please consider donating and sharing our campaign with others. Thank you.

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While Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is based in Colombia and is registered as a non-profit within the country, the sanctuary is also a registered charitable organization in the United States.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 1, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY
Here is the correct links for Ekala and Juliana's Lisa Shapiro Unsung Vegan Hero Award



Posted on October 1, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY

We are VERY excited to announce that both of our founders, Juliana and Ekala, have won the prestigious Lisa Shapiro Award for Unsung Vegan Hero Awardfrom The Pollination Project!

Both Juliana and Ekala are incredibly honored to have been selected for the award, which was given to them due to their dedicated work towards the many animals here at the sanctuary.

They want to send a special thank you to Kristina Bower, Paul Sawfield, Nicola Dahle, and everyone else who nominated us, as well as the Pollination Project and Our Hen House.

Please read about them and all of the other winners here: Also, if you want to send them your congratulations, please consider donating to our campaign, which only has 7 days left. You can do so here:

Posted on September 29, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY


I want to thank all the recent donors for your wonderfully encouraging words and generous donations. Your words inspire me to do more work for the animals. We have some exciting news to announce on October 1st. I am sure you are going to love it! 

You may have heard that we are going to do a Yoga and Food Retreat at the sanctuary from October 25 - November 1! Valerie Grange from Buddha B Yoga is going to teach Jivamukti yoga and my husband, Paul is teaching food yoga and we are both going to do vegan cooking classes. We would love for you to come to this retreat and meet all of our lovely animal friends. There are only 12 spots and already 6 people have registered, so hurry up!

To learn more go here:

So stay tuned for the big announcement on October 1. 



Posted on September 25, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY
We are so thankful for all your support.

This is a small "thank you video" from the animals in the sanctuary.

We have just 6 days left, and we need to reach our goal, please don't forget to share with all your friends. if 2000 friends donate $5, we can reach our goal!

"$1 or $5 dollars is a lot of help here. When it comes to countries like Colombia, where the peso is currently around 1/3300 the value of the US dollar, and some 30% of the population earn the equivalent of less than $2 a day, even small donations, like $1 can do an amazing amount of good.

The campaign page has been shared over 700 times and articles by 1,500 shares), EcoRazzi (60 shares), The Dodo (9,883 shares), and two articles by One Green Planet (totally 4,300 shares), plus numerous Facebook posts reaching thousands of impressions, would indicate that over 100,000 eyeballs have seen the campaign appeal and video. And yet, only 157 people (as of September 21) have decided to donate.

So my conclusion is that the reason for people not donating is not that they don't care, or even the usual "donor fatigue," but simply embarrassment and a gross miscalculation of the value of a $1 donation. I hope by now, however, all our friends understand that this is just not true. $1 does a lot of good. So the next time someone approaches you for change, or a charity asks you to contribute something to their campaign, just do it. Give that one dollar and I assure you it will help tremendously. If everyone that has seen the campaign page, or read one of the articles, or liked one of the posts on her Facebook pagehad donated just $1 each, the campaign could have potentially raised $50,000 dollars, doubling the campaign goal!(Why are people afraid to donate even one dollar?)

Thank you very much.

I wish I can have all you close to me, I really want to give you all a big, big, big HUG,

- Juliana

Posted on September 24, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY

Today is our farm manager, Ekala's birthday. And all he wants is for us to reach our goal. Can you please share this campaign, those that have not already done so and encourage a friend to match your donation or at least throw in $1. Yes, even $1 goes a long way here and can make a difference. Please don't sit on the fence. Do this for the animals and a better and more compassionate South America. Remember, your donation is tax deductible, because we are a registered charity in the USA.

Posted on September 21, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY

PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. We need to at least get to 1000 shares of this campaign. The more people that learn about our project, the better chance we have of reaching out goal. Please again with your network and tag people if possible. If you have a website, consider adding our widget to the sidebar. 

Thank you so much for caring. 



Posted on September 19, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY
We are so grateful for all your support, whether you shared, donated or did both. Thank you so much! Please help us reach 1000 shares because I feel that with more shares we can get more donations. Please share the campaign one more time with your network and we can go over 1000 shares. Just share it through FB, Twitter or LinkedIn. Please do this as soon as you can. 

Posted on September 17, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY
Some more great articles from One Green Planet today and yesterday! See: and Please read and share! 

Posted on September 16, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY
A new article was just posted on The Dodo today:

Posted on September 16, 2015 by JULIANA'S ANIMAL SANCTUARY

We are inching closer and closer to our goal of $25,000, thanks to all of your compassion. Please continue encouraging your friends to chip in as every dollar truly counts. Some of you have even given more than one time! Thank you to the following great souls: Jessica Marcell, Amrita Hari, Marzena Kot, Mark, Leanne Evans, DianE Warren, Andrew Kaplan, Casey Mank, Nora Allen, Jillian Goff, Lisa Fenstermacher, Amparo Giraldo, Timna, Pilch Aryenish Birdie, Catherine Orban, Vanessa Franco, Irmgard Martino, Brett Sheehan, Jess Ang, Kayla Panchmatia, Rohith Malya, Bernadette van Gyen, Louise Jeffery, Jackie O'Meara, Christian Lopez, Susan Monteiro, Jane Graham, Helen Dann, Jen Cooke, Alastair Thomas, Jennifer Emmett, Diana Reid, Tina ho-dinh, Robert Bujold, Andrew Kaplan, Jessica, Alex Hershaft, Lindsey Hare, Emiliano Cataleta, Michelle Mercer, Alicia Silvestri, Mary Jo Wenckus, Mindy Kursban, Susan Lavendar, Bernadette van Gyen, Deborah Chalmers, Diana Gilbert, Rae Sikora, Jai Uttal, Cate, D’Orazio, Jovan Ristic, Ian Mishalove, Mariana Salerno, Mark 'Vijaya' Langstone, George Rodger, Nicole Bell, Katherine Babiak, Vanessa Grace, Clare Mann, Mary Jo Wenckus, Gypsy Wulff, Elise, Gorton, Paul Turner, Mark Pontius, Lauren Sheehan, Sacha Cohen, Juliana Garay, Marissa Griffith, Julia Butt, Saiju Gangadharan, Vu Dang, Chen Cohen, Sara Tan, Catherine Orban, Rachael Venezia, Kayla Panchmatia, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vivian Chester, Gary Weinkle, Cynthia Embree-Lavoie, Noel Palmer, Judith Aldrich, Joe Seman, Mitzi MacBain, Sophie Lyle, Lissa McLaughlin, Jill Sexsmith, Leslie Allo, Elaine Thorley, Tharon Bilheimer, Derek Wilson, Pamela DeVeau, Alexandra Santos, Tracee Cosme, Zoe Primrose, Irmgard Martino, Carolyn Leopard, Nathalie Ambs, Bob Bennett, Gypsy Wulff, Janice Jones, Wendy Witchner, Gail Fread, Julia Sitter, Carolyne Burgess, Melissa Plante, Marilyn Gaul, George Rodger, Bruce Dunbridge, Marimar Russo, Mary Jo Wenckus, Nicola Dahle, Julie Ostoich, Aimy Vu, Tiff Smith, Asa Jedenfelt, Lloyd Edwards, and Christy Reutemann. WE LOVE YOU ALL. 

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