SThe travel continue

After successful programs, TV shows and harinams in many towns and villages, Indradyumna Swami continue is travel in Mongolia in the remote areas of the country.

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Touching the Feets of the God

"Time passes quickly when you are doing something you love, and since the devotees love spreading Krsna consciousness, the summer flew by. Our schedule was intense—a festival every day—but the reward of seeing people smile and dance with us was enough to keep us going.”

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The Legendary City Of Genghis Khan

See the latest video of Indradyumna Swami’s visit to Chinggis, the legendary birthplace of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire.”
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During the month of Kartik 2015, Indrayumna Swami along with Bada Hari Prabhu will be taking devotees on Vrindavan parikrama (registration is still open for the Vrindavan Parikrama) and the Holy places of Jaipur and Kuruksetra (the registrations for these Parikramas are closed).
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The Remote Areas

As we go deeper into the remote areas of Mongolia with our preaching party we are treated to some of the most stunning nature on this planet. In all my travels I have never seen anything like it. And no less beautiful are the people who flock to our programs to hear the message of [...]

Stockpiling Supplies

We took a break from our traveling around Mongolia and spent 5 days in the capital Ulaanbaatar having programs in our small center in the city. We also used the time to rest and stockpile supplies for our next journey which begins tomorrow – a 3,500 kilometer journey in 3 jeeps to the most remote [...]

Taking Root

Two days ago we did a public program in a hall in Ulaanbaatar and then an initiation in a traditional “yurta” in a forest outside the city. Krsna consciousness is slowly taking root in Mongolia.

Arduous Journey

After an arduous journey of 16 hours in jeeps through difficult desert and mountainous terrain we arrived safely in Uliastai, Mongolia at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. The following is my schedule for the day: 11:00: Visit the main Buddhist temple in Uliastai and meet with the famous monk, Dashdorj. 13:00 Climb the large hill [...]

Meditation On Radhastami

On this auspicious day of Radhastami I long to be in Vraja, celebrating the Queen of Vrindavan’s appearance with all the beloved Vrajavasis. Instead, I find myself on the remote steppes of Mongolia, sharing the message of Lord Caitanya with the people of this isolated country. Despite the many austerities involved in traveling and preaching [...]