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Motorcycle donations will help a variety of charities, families and children.


Donate a Motorcycle to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


Donating a motorcycle, all terrain vehicle (ATV), or snowmobile to your selected charity couldn’t be easier! It is fast, convenient and “worry free”! We pick up acceptable motorcycles and similar donations at no charge throughout the U.S.A. To make sure your donation will be acceptable to your selected charity call us toll free or complete our “on-line evaluation form”. There is never any obligation to donate when you receive a free evaluation.


action_donation Call our toll free number and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, or

action_donation Complete our “no obligation” On-Line Donation Form.


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



Why ACTION DONATION SERVICES® is the SERVICE YOU WANT to handle your Motorcycle, ATV (all terrain vehicles), or Personal Watercraft Charity Donation:


We often renovate motorcycle donations to increase value.

There are a number of reasons to choose Action Donation Services® when making a motorcycle, ATV or Personal Watercraft donation:


(1) We welcome motorcycle or similar donated property as long as it will be profitable to the charity. Many of our competitors simply do not want to be bothered with motorcycle donations! We have processed many such donations over the years.


(2) Some of the nation’s finest charities trust us to process motorcycle donations on their behalf.


(3) If it is beneficial to the charity we will maximize the value of donations by repairing them or otherwise improving them so they will bring the highest possible price when sold. Since in most cases donors will be eligible for a tax deduction equal to the gross selling price – when we improve the value of the donation the donor will often be entitled to a larger tax deduction – and the charity will receive more cash.


(4) Whenever it makes economic sense we sell retail – most of our competitors only sell at wholesale auctions.


(5) For certain qualified “high value” donations, we may be able to offer the donor some cash as well as the opportunity to claim a legal tax deduction. Call us for an evaluation of your contemplated donation to see if your donation qualifies.


(6) As soon as donated property is sold we promptly send the contributor the appropriate receipts as required by the IRS.


When it comes to motorcycle donations, we go "above and beyond" time and time again … in order to maximize the tax deduction available to donors … and to increase income for our client charities!


For example, we recently accepted a 2003 Suzuki SV 1000. This motorcycle had extensive damage at the time of pick up.


Donated motorcycle severely damaged when picked up.


After a complete renovation by our Action Motorcycle Donation Services® technicians, this motorcycle has been restored. It was then sold retail (not wholesale!) in order to maximize its donation value* to both the donor and the benefiting charity. Our competitors would probably have simply taken this motorcycle donation to a recycler or wholesale auction “as-is” and as a result received very little to benefit the charity or donor.


Motorcycle donation completely restored. Donated motorcycle ready for retail sale to increase value!


*Note: in most cases the donor is only allowed to deduct the actual gross selling price of a motorcycle donation. Generally, the higher the selling price … the greater the tax deduction available to the donor when he donates a motorcycle, ATV or Jet Ski.


Our donors love the Action Motorcycle Donation Services program!


The Action Donation Services® team is committed to providing “top notch” customer service!ng>

Action Donation Services will accept all types of used motorcycles, ATV’s, scooters and other property whenever it is beneficial for a client charity! Many of these donations are repaired as needed and sold retail (not wholesale) to increase their sales price!


Action Donation Services Maximizes the value of your Charity Donations.



Please consider donating that no longer wanted Motorcycle, ATV, or Jet Ski to Charity and help those in need! Call 866 2-GIVING or 866 244-8464.


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