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1995 Luhrs Luxury Vessel 2007 32 foot Warlock completely refurbished by Action prior to sale. 1995 Carver Yacht Donation. Cockpit of beautiful donated Carver yacht. Yorktown sailing vessel being completely renovated prior to sale.


Donate a Boat to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


When you donate a boat, yacht, Jet Ski, sail boat, power boat, personal water craft (PWC), cabin cruiser, catamaran, trawler, cutter, houseboat or other property to your favorite charity you are making a positive difference in someone’s life! When you donate a boat using our service it is fast and easy! We are experts in processing used boat donations! We pickup promptly nationwide and there is never a charge for picking up your donation. If you are planning to donate a boat, you can quickly receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your contemplated donation can be processed profitably on behalf of your selected charity by completing our on-line evaluation form or calling us at our toll free number.


action_donation Call our toll free number and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, or

action_donation Complete our “no obligation” On-Line Donation Form.


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



WANT TO DONATE A BOAT to CHARITY? ACTION DONATION SERVICES® is the service you should use to process your Boat, Yacht, Personal Water Craft, Sail Boat, Cabin Cruiser or Power Boat donation!


Action often completely renovates boat and vessel donations to bring top dollar which benefits the donor and the charity.

We have the trust and confidence of some of the best known charities in America to exclusively process their boat donations. We are totally committed to unsurpassed customer service when you donate a boat. We send all the IRS required receipts and forms promptly to donors as soon as boats are sold. We increase the selling price of donations whenever it is economically beneficial to the charity by “fixing up” donations and then when feasible selling them in the retail market rather than in the wholesale market. We sell donations whenever feasible in the retail market rather than wholesale in order to increase the amount of money going to the charity – and in most cases the potential tax deduction for the donor is increased as well.


We love to accept qualified yachts and boats of all types that will benefit our charities. Many of our competitors simply do not want to handle boat donations. Most other programs do nothing of consequence to increase the value of donated boats and other property. When you donate a boat we frequently make significant improvements to your donation whenever it makes economic sense and when such improvements will improve their selling price.


Our striving to increase the value of donations greatly benefits both our client charities and you the donor. We sincerely try to increase the income going to the charity whenever you donate a boat and also to make possible the highest allowable tax deduction for the donor. Action Donation Services® also offers to donors the opportunity to receive a partial cash payment for higher value donations in addition to receiving the possibility of a tax deduction. We do everything we can to minimize expenses related to processing your donation by contracting with reputable auction, boat brokers and repair facilities throughout the country. The Action Donation Services® team is totally committed to providing customer satisfaction for every donor and to providing the greatest income possible for our client charities.


Action Donation Services will make significant material improvements to donated property (whenever financially beneficial for the client charity) … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction for the donor and to maximize the net return for the client charity. These examples are typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service.


Donate a boat and receive Maximum Legal Tax Deductions!


Satisfied boat donor testimonials!


“My husband and I decided to donate a boat. We were hopeful that our no longer needed boat could benefit our nearby Naval Medical Center, where our daughter had been given excellent care. Action Donation Services took care of everything for us! From our first contact, we could tell we were working with an outstanding organization. Action truly went the extra mile to help us to help the armed services community. They absolutely maximized the value of our donation. We not only reached but surpassed our donation goals! ADS helped us repay our favorite medical team by handling our donation professionally and efficiently. It's important to say that without the expertise and passion they brought to this project we simply wouldn't have had the resources to achieve our donation goal.”


-- R.W. (ID#08M84G) --


"Not too long ago we donated a car through the Action Donation program and it was a great experience. When we decided to donate a boat that was thirty years old and also an eighteen year old motorhome, we knew who to call! Once again Action did not disappoint us. The process was fast and easy from start to completion and everyone we came in contact with was extremely courteous and helpful. And once again they sold our donations for a great price and we just couldn’t be happier with the results. We would absolutely use ADS again!"


-- J & C, (ID#014430) --


"Before I located Action Donation Services, I had a real challenge attempting to donate an old boat to charity. It was discouraging when more than one charity and their facilitators refused my donation. They said they no longer accepted boats or wouldn’t provide the means to have it moved. Also, they did not want to deal with some title issues I had due to the property being transferred several times without proper documentation. I knew the title transfer problem was going to be an issue. Thankfully, I located ADS, I told them I wanted to donate a boat and they happily accepted my boat and trailer and made the whole experience a pleasure. I was able to help out my neighborhood Ronald McDonald House Charities and have ADS to thank!"


-- John H. Thousand Oaks, CA (ID# 58E888) --


Action Boat Donation Service Consistently goes the Extra Mile to
Maximize Your Tax Deduction and Increase Income to Your Favorite Charity!

Action will go the extra mile to maximize the value of your boat donation!

The above 27’ Searay was recently donated in New Jersey … and then transported all the way to San Diego, California because Action boat experts determined that they could maximize the selling price better in the San Diego market! Donors in most cases are allowed to claim only the gross selling price of their donation as a tax deduction so anything that can be done to maximize the selling price of a donated boat will significantly benefit the tax deduction available to the donor … not to mention providing increased income for the recipient charity chosen by the donor. This kind of “extra mile” effort is typical of the service provided to donors and charity clients by Action Boat Donation Service – donors and our client charities love our service!


donate your yacht


Our client charities love our boat & property donation service!

donate your boat 

"Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California has been using Action Donation Services to process its auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle donations for more than 3 years. We are very pleased with the work they do for us. They are reliable and dependable. Action Donation Services usually picks up within 24 hours and promptly provides the required receipts to our donors. We are especially pleased with the "extra mile" effort they put into maximizing the selling price of donations whenever possible which benefits both our program and our donors by giving them the largest, potential tax deduction".

-- William Carey, Director of Finance, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California: Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, Orange County Ronald McDonald House, Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House, Orange County Ronald McDonald House, and Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House --


Donate your boat to help Milestone House. 

“Action Donation Services has been such a blessing to our charitable organization. We were fortunate to be the first recipient of property donations processed by ADS, and we have a long and happy relationship with them. Over the years, funds from ADS have been put to good use serving the emotionally disturbed teen girls with whom we work.  The process is simple, the rewards are phenomenal, and the experience has been very positive for us.  The staff at ADS is kind, courteous, and always willing to help. I highly recommend Action Donation Services to charities and donors alike. Choosing Action Donation Services was one of the best moves we ever made. I am confident that you will feel the same way I do”.

-- Beverly Boone, Executive Director, Milestone House --



Boat donation fund raising program - Sign up today!Find Out If Your Boat, Yacht, or Used Vehicle Donation Qualifies for a Partial Cash Payment.


Higher valued boats, yachts, and certain used vehicles when donated may qualify for a "partial cash payment " to the donor as well as providing the donor with a tax deduction.  The IRS refers to this kind of a donation as a "bargain sale".  The Action Donation Services "partial cash payment" option is unique and can result in the donor receiving both a tax deduction and some cash!  If you are interested in the possibility of this option, please call our toll free number (1 866 244-8464) or complete our on-line donation form and we will promptly let you know if your contemplated donation qualifies for the "partial cash payment" option.  There is absoluely no obligation to donate when you request this evaluation.  Donors should always check with their tax consultant or financial advisor in regard to the maximum legal deduction that they may claim when making any charitable donation.


More about Partial Cash Payment (IRS Bargain Sale)



Link to our Start a Car Donation Fundraising program: http://www.actiondonation.org/Car-Donation-Fundraising-Program.html

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