KRS-One & DJ Premier To Release "Return Of The Boom Bip" Album

Premo and Kris follow-up the 1993 solo breakthrough album, with Ice-T, Grand Puba and Q-Tip already on board.

In 1993, after five studio albums under the name of Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One released the first album under his solo name, Return of the Boom Bap. Released on Jive Records, the album debuted at #37 on the charts, and prompted hits like the Showbiz-produced "Sound Of Da Police" and the DJ Premier-produced "Outta Here." The Gang Starr beat-king produced seven of the album's 14 tracks, as its remembered as one of The Teacha's finest solo offerings.

Over 16 years later, DJ Premier and KRS-One are said to be at work at Return of the Boom Bip. The album, reportedly coming on Premier's Year Round Records, may serve as a sequel. During NBA All-Star Weekend, during an event sponsored by 944 Magazine, Premier spoke to about the underway recordings.

"It's going to be one of the illest albums of 2010," said the legendary producer. Q-Tip, Grand Puba and Ice-T are already confirmed guests on the album. HipHopDX will keep you updated of more as it happens. The two last worked together on "Classic" with Kanye West, Rakim and Nas for a Nike campaign, and an update of "Criminal Minded" for a similar beverage campaign.

In related news, DJ Premier is presently working on albums with MC Eiht, NYGz, Big Shug and Nick Javas. Last year, KRS-One did a collaboration album with Black Moon's Buckshot called Survival Skills.


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  • MeLoRooTs

  • Daminashun

    i forgot to mention that not one of your little rappers can ever sound right on the hardest beats!! they will NEVER rock a hard drum sample....give lil wayne or anyone the instrumental to KRS "DUCK DOWN" and ask them to go ape on'll be the funniest singing ever lmao!! soft serve frozen yogurt ass niggas keep your soft ass beats!!

  • Daminashun

    First off, its KRS and PREEMO together again, and i'm buyin hands down! Secondly, who the fuck are ya'll that say "look at the soundscan, look at the audience" are you serious?? you think KRS cares about an audience? if he did he'd sell his soul like another "old" artist in Jay-Z!! Bottom line, this album will blow everything away! someone here said KRS lacks innovation? so you call drake and all these other record hoes innovative? really? nicki minaj not only bites off lil kim, but she's only good for a fuck...KRS said "roxanne shante is only good for steady fuckin" LMAO!!! that goes for that nicki minaj hoe! get a grip people, you can keep your little bullshit ass music that you love to listen to, i'll keep my HIP-HOP!

  • j parks

    the bottom line is krs is the illest mc of all time. he might b older than all these young wack rappers but dont none of these cats wanna battle. hey lets have a mc battle with all these young cats yall love and see who comes out on top. kris dont give a shit about no record sales he reps the culture and he'll bust any niggas ass in the game even em, jay or whoever you think whos on top. The moral of the story is its about beats and rhyme skill. On this album kris got the illest producer ever in the game and you know krs got the illest lyrics and numerous styles on the mic. This album will be a classic. All yall young haters just mad that theres an old school mc that can bust your favorite rappers ass any time any where any how.

  • mike

    i dont understand why people keep talking about age,thats dumbness and ignorance,krs one is one the greatest,im excited about this i love preemo two,its just about being good in what you do not age people have to know that,you need to see this dude perfoming live you'll understand,some of your favourite rappers are only big because they are well marketed and promoted thats why they sell,listen to krs albums,BOOM BAP,KRS_ONE AND I GOT NEXT you'll catch up with dude some people leaving comments here i doubt they even know his music coz if they do i dont think there's anything bad to be said about kris

  • Hip Hop F@n

    "It's going to be one of the illest albums of 2010," said the legendary producer. Most likely THE illest since nothing else great is coming out this year. Except maybe Relapse 2 and Distant Relatives.

  • datingblack

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    Sick...I'm buying that first day it's out!

  • Black Irish

    that Nas Primo shit aint never happening cuz Nas only likes doing music that he likes and no one else likes....Primo was all about that album happening and Nas was fronting....he's too busy picking wack ass beats nowadays.....smh WHY NAS WHY!!!! P.S. THAT DISTANT RELATIVEZ SHIT OR WHATEVER....NO ONE CARES!!!!!

    • hmm...

      I don't know what planet you're living on. Distant Relatives sounds dope and Q-tip is supposedly executive producing Nas next album

  • SilkCityP

    Cool... But when Primo & Nas finally link up after almost 10 years of not working with each other, than I will estatic to hear about Premier!!! Nobody blesses Premier tracks like Nas & Biggie!

  • Sherron Shabazz

    This is actually taken from an interview that I conducted with Premier for, not 944 Magazine. 944 Magazine promoted the show that Premier performed at. I appreciate HipHopDX linking to my interview with Premier. I'm a huge fan of the site. Check out the full DJ Premier interview here: Shabazz

  • Why Hip Hop is a Joke!

    #1 reason why hip hop is a joke: Hip Hop fans treat pioneers and legends like they are disposable. Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and those legendary rock groups are still touring constantly and playing "their" kind of music. Hip Hop fans think you're too old to make music @ 30 years old. You fuckers deserve the shitty music that you've been downloading. Congrats!!!

  • durl

    fifteen years too late..neither of them are performing up to par anymore..two of the greatest of all time yes..still fifteen years too late

  • Articulate1

    This is the best news Ive heard in a while. Two legends and two of my personal favorites. Lets hope Kris brings his a game (you know Premo will). Preme needs to jump all over the new AZ and Nas projects too...but dont hold your breath.

    • TheAdmiral

      Its not the age..they just lost touch with what go them in the game....innovation...KRS can still rhyme he needs better beats and to be around some decent emcees...As far as the Nike thing, I can't hate on that..he didn't use his face and most people didn't even know who it was, so for him it was a good look and "check"

    • MalcolmLittle

      Lil dumb Kris is REALLY gearin his album toward this young, remdial ass, gender confused generation. He don't make music for niggas that wear their sisters' jeans...yeah he may be old or whatever, but guess what?? Fans like myself who came up on that BDP boom bap shit, we're old now too!! So a cat like Kris will ALWAYS have a fan base...I highly doubt we'll be able to say the same about Waka Flocka Coon, Lil Shitstain, Coochie Mane, Fake, or any of these other lame ass niggas comin out now...

    • BX T-REX

      krs toooo old

    • just joe

      Please, this dude is over with! I GUESS he has some good lyrics, but music is more than that, what about the production and overall sound of a track! give it up....

    • taeb

      bx t rex you dont know shit...survival skills was a great album and the lyrics were great...thats why we listen to this music genre, for the lyrics and the krs and primo are the best combination bringin their skills together... i think that you are a joke, and not krs lyrical please go listen to soulja boy and lil wayne and enjoy that shitty pop music that you may call hip hop, but that we all true hip hop heads know it SUCKS! peace from argentina my respect to THA TEACHA

    • BX T-REX

      KRS ONE cannot be saved by DJ Premier. He's too old, outta touch with the young people and honestly, check the soundscans. NOBODY is buying this dudes work. Thats why he gotta pretend to be Santa when Nike tell him to. He's washed. He's a legend, never take a thing away from him. But son is done. You like hearing your uncle rap? Of course not. Thats what this album will be. Only the beats will be hot. But it'll suck.

  • skeep

    Doooope. KRS is the GOD. Love it when he rocks with Premo. I hope they get Freddie Foxxx, Chuck D and Illus on that album.

  • skeep

    DOPE! KRS is the GOD. Love it when Premo works with KRS, as well as Freddie Foxxx, MOP and others, would be sick if he did an ILLUS track too.. That shit would also be incredible.

  • shade

    damn didn't see this comin. I'll be gettin this. I'm kinda more excited to hear some Premo than some KRS tho. All due respect to KRS (much is due), I hope he doesn't just bitch about new rappers the whole album. My current top 2 favorite DX typos: 1. "Boom Bip" 2. "Bob Merley" Premo needs to produce AZ's Doe or Die 2. and rumor has it Q-tip is exec producing Nas next solo album? that shit would blow everyone outta the water

  • MalcolmLittle

    This is what I'm talkin about right here y'all...REAL emcees doin REAL shit! And fuckin with Premo he can't go wrong! I still got my original copy of Return of the Boom Bap that I've had since I was 13, nearly 20 years ago! We need more of this though, the old heads need to unite and show these young dummies how it's SUPPOSED to be done. Get em Kris!!

  • big braveheart

    Return Of The Boom Bap was brilliant and Boom Bip will be the shit too, this can't be realeased too soon as this is gonna be amazing! Krs was back to his best on Survival Skills and Primo laced some good shit on Tha Blaqprint, this will be dope!! Best news in a long time.

  • Nike Champ 718

    It's called "Boom Bip" because the first one was "Boom Bap." Beats are boom baps and boom bips. Anyway, I'm hyped for this because "Criminal Minded '08" stays on repeat.


    YES! This is what I need for real! Krs-One and DJ PREMIER!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • peter cottonmouth

    I'll just buy this. don't care how good or bad. by creating this album they get $10-$15 from me.

  • kpanilaryea28



    oooooooooooooo im getting it nuff said


    I'll be checkin for this, because i remember when fucking with Kris was absolutely unimaginable!!

  • Bauce

    I haven't been checkin for kris lately but ROTBB is one of my favorite albums. Another Cuban Link inspired sequel cant be bad right? Its got primo on it!

  • INOA

    I respect that idea, but quite frankly, Krs needs to put the mic down and save that production for some new fresh talent. I mean really, what can Krs bring to the table? He aint going to sell any major units. This will actually be a waste. When you a rapper still mentioning what you going to do to "MC's" in every song? That shit sounds repetitive

    • HHFAN

      I agree. KRS was my hero when I was younger but then when my taste for rap went outside of battle rap, I realized he was saying the same thing over and over. He is a lengend and has some classics (Sound of da Police, Rappaz r in danja, etc.) and has my respect but he wasn't very versatile.

  • won1

    please tell me that 'boom BIP' is a typo!!!

  • Deebo Detroit

    this is about to be the best, i cant wait for this to come out

  • Drucifer1983

    Good news, but what the hell is "Boom Bip"?? lol, change the title fellas, otherwise sounds like a good look

  • toby

    guaranteed to be dope!

  • floppydisk559

    haha Return Of The Boom Bip

  • elage05

    thats wassup you know the beats and production will be a beast with premo on board!

  • PeopleWithOutShoes

    this is good news at its worst it will be a good album expecting this to be very good

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