Human Achievers Foundation

Human Achievers Foundation(H.A.F) is a group of passionate people who are determined to bring smiles to every face. We believe that purpose of life is to be useful, responsible and compassionate to underprivileged. Our “WE” include “YOU”. We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone, so come and be a part of the venture. Human Achievers is a growing social organization managed by Senorita Issac. After partnering with a host of NGOs and supporting social causes across the world, the trust management is has taken steps forward to create a more humanitarian society. With a focus on destitute, uneducated women and sexually abused children, the trust’s is working towards innovating new ways of supporting and reaching out to the needy members of the society. Its objectives include charitable, religious social work, medical, scientific, literary and educational activities. The foundation also offers programs for the protection and relief of poor, aged, orphans and widows among others.


To contribute significantly in building a compassionate and progressive human society free of any kind of prejudice.


18th April, 2013

HAF announces Achievers Awards 2013

4th May, 2012

Rupa Raghunath Das, Director of Food for Life Vrindavan awarded Human Achievers Award for the year 2012

3rd March, 2012

Senorita Isaac, founder of the Human Achievers Foundation, announces International Women’s Achievers Awards - an attempt to bring women empowerment in India and to celebrate womanhood

7th July, 2011

Human Achievers Foundation in UAE felicitates Ms. Pria Kataaria Puri with the prestigious - Asian Achievers Awards 2011 for her contribution to the fashion industry

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