James Clement Cook

New York

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An innovator in the world of Art ,Cook was once the Designer of Experimental Instruments for Blue Man Group.

He worked at various positions at MTV, VH-1 and A&E's Biography\History Channel. Other credits include specialty work for CBS Television, and the Metropolitan Opera.

He worked at NBC's Saturday Night Live and the Broadway productions of "Judas Kiss" with Liam Neeson, and the Tony Award winning "Fosse", spending many years in Television in New York.

He is the Director of the film "AmmA Means Mother", a Post-Tsunami musical documentary on an orphanage in Sri Lanka. The film features Narration by F. Murray Abraham (with the help of Laurie Anderson) and music by The Smithereens, Nick Lowe, Trini Lopez ad others.

James Clement Cook revived the Remo Williams series "The Destroyer" .



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