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Child Sponsorship

It cost US$ 45 per month to sponsor a child in our school. If you would like to help, please follow the sponsorship link:

For child sponsorship recurring donations, click on Subscribe button below:

or contact for more information.

By Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to your prefered FFLV office from the contact list.


If you would like to pay by your credit or debit card, please select the amounts below and use the system provided.

FFL Vrindavan Donation
Donations of FIXED amount
1 Sandipani Muni School & Kindergarten midday meals, 750 Students $501 (quantity)
2 Sandipani Muni Intercollege midday meals, 750 Students $501 (quantity)
3 Sandipani Muni Schools Breakfast (fruit, biscuits), 1500 Students $301 (quantity)
4 Sandipani Muni Kindergarten Breakfast (milk, fruit, biscuits), 150 Toddlers $51 (quantity)
5 Evening Meals Distribution, 300 street children for one day $101 (quantity)
6 Prasad Feast for Blind People (Every Sunday) $31 (quantity)
7 Prasad Feast for 200 Widows $275 (quantity)
8 Food ration for poor families (one family for one month) $25 (quantity)
9 Sponsor a cow feeding and care for one month $31 (quantity)
10 Free Medical care for School Girls (1 Day) $101 (quantity)
11 Free Medical Camp in one village (1 Day) $101 (quantity)
12 One Eye Catarac Surgery (performed at FFLV hospital) $41 (quantity)
13 Tree planting, (1 tree - Planting & Maintenance for 1 year) $31 (quantity)
14 New Year Gift Festival (gift for one child) $6 (quantity)
15 Gift of Hope - Adopt a child's education ($45 per month, minimum 1 year) $45 (months)
16 Educational Aid, (Afternoon School - 1 Year) $151 (quantity)
17 Educational Aid, (Scholarship for 1 school child whose family can't afford her education - 1 Year) $201 (quantity)
Donations of NON-Fixed amount towards:
you can leave a note in Paypal page
18 Sandipani Muni Schools $
19 Food distribution $
20 Environmental Project $
21 Medical Services $
22 General donation
*Specify purpose if needed
$ *
Transaction Amount $