Why no Onions
and Garlic

Why no Onions and Garlic?While there is no specific menu for yogis, experts of the tradition agree that a yogic diet should consist of foods that enhance clarity of mind, peacefulness and make the body strong. In other words, a diet that is consistent with the goals of the physical practice. According to the Ayurvedic tradition, there are three categories that all foods fall into:

Sattvic: Pure Goodness; Rajasic: Passion; Tamasic: Ignorance. Each category has a corresponding set of qualities that impact our body, mind and consciousness.

Sattvic: (pure) foods include most vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and ghee (clarified butter) from protected, naturally-living cows. Such foods promote longevity and are satisfying to the body and mind. They are also conducive to expanding our consciousness. However, due to thecontroversy surrounding the acquisition of pure milk products, Food for Life Global does not support its use in our meal preparations.

In contrast, tamasic (ignorance) foods (such as meat, onions and garlic) tend to make the mind dull and the body lethargic, while rajasic foods (such as hot peppers, salt, and coffee) promote hyperactivity and tend to agitate the mind, making it very difficult to meditate.

Our goal at Food for Life Global is to provide people meals that will nourish their body, mind and soul, so we avoid onion and garlic for that reason. However, garlic does have powerful medicinal properties and could be used to heal someone from disease, but it is not recommended by the yoga tradition as a regular part of the diet of a person seeking a higher consciousness