Ilan Chester

As an artist, I always felt the need to do more than just entertain. Once you get the attention of many eyes and ears, it is an act of violence not to assume higher responsibilities. People everywhere are suffering and the ecology of the modern human heart, contaminated by greed is gradually destroying life on earth.

In my visit to Kolkata many years ago, I had the chance to meet Mother Teresa. When I congratulated her for her lifetime service to try to eradicate hunger in the world, she firmly looked at me and said what she already had repeated several times in the past: “ Real hunger is to be found, not in stomach but in the heart”. When I found “Food For Life” as an organization, I understood I had found a genuine group of people capable to deal not only with the hunger of the stomach but also with the hunger of the heart. “Food For Life” Has been a great inspiration in my life.