This Old Dog Was Hit by a Car and
Abandoned Until Juliana Rescued Him

Did You Know That There are nearly 1 million street dogs in Bogota, Colombia?

To manage this overpopulation of street animals, there is a government sponsored office called Zoonosis that takes them from the streets. This office has a direct order from the government to kill at least 400 dogs and cats a week (an estimated 25,000 of them a year) in order to cull the expansion of these street animals.

The Only Animal Sanctuary in Colombia

Juliana's Animal Sanctuary is the ONLY HOPE
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Our Projects

There are many millions of animals that are in terrible pain with no hope of shelter and so no amount of shelters can save them all, but we can do the following…

  1. Street Sterilization

    The main problem here is that cats and dogs in the street are multiplying daily. We need to slow down the expansion. So I want to get monthly donations to sponsor the sterilization of dogs and cats in the street. The ones who are in better condition we can also help to find a home for them. But even if we are unable to find them a home, at least they are not going to multiply.

  2. Senior Animal Care

    I want to help senior animals and those in special need. At a typical animal shelter in my country, if the dogs are old or their medicine is too expensive, they are “put to sleep.” In other words, they kill them in a ‘sweet way’ without a care to ask them if they want to continue living or to go play with their friends.I would like to give these very sick and old animals a second chance; to honour their seniority and show them that if it is their time to leave this world they can do so surrounding by love with all the medicine and care they need. I’ve been doing this at my sanctuary since the beginning and I’d like to do more.I also want to help those animals with mental scars; the ones that have been abused by humans and try to find a place here or in other countries where they can get the special care they need to heal their “wounds.” My unique connection with animals is that they allow me to communicate with them and I have a special ability to understand what they are saying to me and can respond in ways that makes them feel happy and safe again.

  3. Education and Vegan Advocacy

    We plan to educate people to understand why they should not slaughter innocent animals for food; why they deserve respect like us; why we have to honour their life and why we have to help those without a voice in any way possible. We want to teach them about the value of a plant-based diet, for health, the economy and the environment.I believe, without a doubt, that the way to a happier world is through honoring the equality of all beings and I want to be a catalyst for this change. I want to be an instrument for animals to explain to humans what they want, what they feel, what they need, and what they love.

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