Donate For Animals

Donating to one of Food for Life Global’s sheltered animals at the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains means you agree to help with the animal’s medical care and livelihood. For as little as $10 a month you can support maintaining fences, covering vet expenses, and provide food and care for that animal. There are only three human carers for these lovely animals and all of them are volunteers! Taking care of 68 animals is time-consuming work. These innocent animals need your support!

Your monthly pledge will guarantee them a happy and care-free life.

Our animal sanctuary located in the Andes Mountains of Colombia was recently voted VEGAN OF THE YEAR 2014 by Vegans Are Cool. We are a few volunteers who have dedicated ourselves to caring for 68 rescued animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, a horse, a cow, and a bullock, along with educating people about how and why we have to respect animals and adopt a plant-based diet.

We do this practically by showing how beautiful they are and how similar they are to us. We believe that humanity at large has lost connection with animals and now only see them as objects, but once people get connected with animals again, especially farm animals, by hugging them and spending time with them in a natural and peaceful environment, they come away happier and a fresh new perspective on life. Animals are just like us — they want love, peace, freedom, respect, and friendship.