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Have you Ever Wondered Why
Millions of Children 
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Starving children

Hunger In a World of Plenty

In a world that has the food resources to feed twice the population, one has to wonder why are so many children malnourished?

This was something that thought about often as an early volunteer of Food for Life, when I was a monk in Australia back in the 80 and 90s.

And then something changed?

I heard about a United Nations World Food Programme meeting in Rome in 1996.

The theme for the large international gathering at the United Nations World Food Summit in Rome in 1996 was “Hunger in a world of plenty.” United Nations representatives and non-government organizations (NGOs) from around the world met to discuss ways to solve this global crisis, which continues to escalate and challenge the conscience and sustainability of humankind in the 21st century. The meeting’s secretary general, Dr. Kay Killingsworth, explained that the problem was not insufficient food production but inequitable distribution. “The result is that the food does not reach the needy.” (See: A change in diets may be necessary to enable developing countries to feed their people, say, scientists. Guardian UK John Vidal, Aug 23, 2004)


Making Our Lives Expressions of Our Spirit

John Robbins, the author of the best-selling Diet for a New America, writes: “The existence of so much hunger in the world is a reality we cannot deny. It is a reality that challenges us deeply: it asks us to become more fully human.” Robbins argues that the world hunger problem is not only the responsibility of the United Nations but of every human being on the planet. “When we remember those who are without food,” says Robbins, “something is awakened within us. Our own deeper pangs of hunger come to surface—our pangs of hunger to live fully, to bring our lives into alignment with our compassion, to make our lives expressions of our spirits.”

Promoting the Equality of All Beings is the Answer

I realized that when we recognize the spiritual equality of all beings we will naturally want to share the resources of the earth with others and give up all selfish tendencies. Think about it, none of us would ever tolerate our "brother" or "sister" going hungry, and yet we turn a blind eye to starving children in other countries because we are conditioned to see division.

While the preservation of cultural integrity is necessary, it should not come at the cost of an innocent child's life.

That is why Food for Life Global's mission is to Unite the World Through Pure Food. Through the liberal distribution of the healthiest meals prepared with love, we aim to create unity in the world and target the root cause of world hunger. 

Nelson Mandela

Food for Life Global is a Social Change Organization

Great leaders like Nelson Mandela recognized the mission of Food for Life as something that resonated with his own life philosophy.

Food for Life Global is not your ordinary food relief organization but rather a mission to address the root cause of hunger through the self-less act of sharing the most pure meals indiscriminately so that no one goes hungry ever again.

Tulsi Gabbard

Paul McCartney

A 3-Minute overview of Food for Life Global

In India, Nepal, South Africa, Haiti and all over the world, children are struggling to get the nutrition they need to grow into healthy adults. Food for Life Global and its affiliates in over 60 countries take proven, low-cost methods to save children's lives and help them regardless of ethnicity.

In India, our affiliate Food for Life Annamrita now serves up to 1.3 million meals daily to students from low-income families, thus directly supporting their academic performance. Overall FFLG affiliates serve close to 2 million meals daily and do many other amazing services.

Food for Life in India

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Food for Life Global is proud to be backed by the OM Guarantee (Output Measurable Guarantee) that one needy child will receive a hot vegan meal for the entire school year with every $20 donation.

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