Support farmed animal rescue and care

Support the first farmed animal sanctuary founded in South America.

Donating to one of Food for Life Global’s sheltered animals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains means you agree to help with the animal’s medical care and livelihood. For as little as $10 a month you can support maintaining fences, covering vet expenses, and provide food and care for that animal. There are only three human carers for these lovely animals and all of them are volunteers! Taking care of 80 animals is time-consuming work. These innocent animals need your support!

Our sanctuary is a registered 501 c3 in the United States, so all donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN is: 47-3548963

Your monthly pledge will guarantee them a happy and care-free life.

Our Mission

At Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, we believe that all animals deserve respect and protection. Our slogan: Paramatma: Spiritual Equality for all Beings is something we learned from Saint Francis of Assisi, who taught that all animals are our brothers and sisters. With this understanding, we do not discriminate by artificial designations of what animal is a “pet” and what animal is “food.” To us, all animals are family.

Paramatma is a Sanskrit word meaning “God in the heart.” Param: Supreme; Atma: Soul. So the main objective of our animal shelter is to teach the world that God is in the heart of all living beings.

Our Project

Our animal sanctuary located in the Andes Mountains of Colombia was recently voted VEGAN OF THE YEAR 2014 by Vegans Are Cool. We are a few volunteers who have dedicated ourselves to caring for 68 rescued animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, a horse, a cow, and a bullock, along with educating people about how and why we have to respect animals and adopt a plant-based diet.

We do this practically by showing how beautiful they are and how similar they are to us. We believe that humanity at large has lost connection with animals and now only see them as objects, but once people get connected with animals again, especially farm animals, by hugging them and spending time with them in a natural and peaceful environment, they come away happier and a fresh new perspective on life. Animals are just like us — they want to love, be peaceful, have freedom, respect, and friendship.


Balaram, the “gentle giant”

Balarama really is a giant. When standing his shoulders are close 6 feet high and he must weigh well over 1500 pounds, and yet, he is the sweetest thing. He is Juliana’s ‘big boy’ and she loves him so much. You’ll notice that he has a very distinctive mark on his forehead — a love heart!!!

DSC00784The story of Balarama’s arrival at our farm is a sad one, but also a day to rejoice. He was the son of a dairy cow that escaped to our farm. His mother broke through the fence and came to our farm distressed, looking for a safe haven to give birth to her new calf. Instinctively, she knew that if the calf was male he would be killed within months, and if female it would be destined to the same abuse she was now undergoing. Within a few hours of her arriving at our farm, she gave birth to a little male calf. The farmer then arrived and was about to take the young calf away, but we pleaded with him to allow us to keep him. We paid him $100. Sadly the farmer took the mother away and our new calf, Balarama, never got to see his mother again. Essentially I became his new mother and I am very proud of that.

Balarama is happy grazing all day like most cows or bulls, only he has the reassurance that he will never be killed and will live a long and natural life. Most people are unaware that cattle can live as long as 25 years, but sadly most dairy cows only live for 3 years. Another odd thing about our modern society is that most people have never seen a cow or bull in the flesh. These docile and kind animals that serve humankind unconditionally are often kept away from public view in crowded feedlots. When people get to see and pat these gentle giants they are overwhelmed with joy and typically feel conflicted afterward about their decision to eat meat. I am sure that if you ever got to meet Balarama you too would fall in love.


See more pictures of the animals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary:


Whether you help at our sanctuary located in the magic Andes Mountains in South America, or you help our project from the comfort of your home, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of homeless animals, meet others who love animals, and have lots of fun!

On-site Volunteer

goAbroadLOGOOn any farm, there is always work to do, and our sanctuary is no different. Volunteers can come here for a day or even stay a few days in our guest room (with an approved booking) and help us with the daily duties of maintaining our farm and caring for the animals. You can learn so much on the job and our expert animal caretaker, Ekala will be happy to share his animal care wisdom.

Immerse yourself in the culture and way of life in Colombia while helping rescued animals at an animal sanctuary, one of two located in South America.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary – Food Yoga Academy is an all-vegan sanctuary offering courses in Spanish, vegan cooking, food yoga, and spirituality. This animal sanctuary is the place to visit for those who want to experience a lovely part of Colombia in the Andes Mountains, living among rescued animals and friendly people.