FFL Start up Kit

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  • Food for Life Manual (3rd edition)
  • FFL Media kit
  • FFL Promotion Brochure
  • Introduction to Food Yoga brochure
  • 10 Ingredients of Success Booklet
  • Hare Krishna Food for Life Logo (jpg)
  • Hare Krishna Food for Life Logo (ai) for printing high resolution
  • Best Prasadam Quotes from Scripture and Prabhupada
  • How to raise a lot of money for your charity
  • Food for Life Volunteer Handbook
  • FFLG Affiliate Seal (png)
  • FFLG Affiliate Seal (ai) for printing high resolution
  • FFL Sample Constitution
  • FFLG Representative Guidelines
  • 101 Reasons to be Vegetarian
  • FFL affiliate guidelines
  • Lectures on Food for Life

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