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Food for Life Global’s principal partner, Food for Life Annamrita is the most efficient food relief service on earth and we have a special offer for you! Our partner, Karatbars International GmbH offers a wide range of products and options in the 999.9 fine gold market space. Their core products are 1g, 2.5g, and 5g minted 24 karat gold ingots from LBMA accredited refineries. Karatbars is now offering custom cards to support Food for Life Global.

Choose one of our founder member
gold cards that are embedded with a pure gold ingot and feed thousands of needy children. As a Founder Member, you’ll also get a Founders Tshirt and the book, FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul.
feedOM™ supports goods and services which are produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with its social responsibility, environmentally-conscious, animal-friendly and vegan standards. Purchases of products and services which feature the OM GUARANTEE™ certification mark support feedOM’s commitment to these principals.

NOTE: All international Karatbars deliveries can take between 2 to 6 weeks. The delivery timeframe starts as soon as we have received your funds and confirmed your open invoice.


Donate $250 & Feed 1000 Kids

For a donation of $1000 you can feed 10,000 needy children, plus this beautiful card with pure gold embedded inside and a founders t-shirt.

Donate $500 & Feed 2000 Kids
Donate $1000 & Feed 5,000 Kids

Please note, your Founders Member Card will be shipped by Karatbars through secured mail and will take up to 30 days for delivery. Your t-shirt and book, however, should arrive within 7-10 days of your order.