Food for Life projects span the globe. While they each focus on local aims and objectives unique to every project, they are all driven by the same core principles:

  • Wohlergehen: Provide pure plant-based meals to anyone who is disadvantaged, malnourished, or a victim of disaster.
  • Gastfreundschaft: Revive the culture of spiritual hospitality, teaching through the example of sharing food indiscriminately that spiritual equality exists among all beings.
  • Gewaltlosigkeit: Reduce the number of animals slaughtered for food by giving as many people as possible the higher taste of plant-based meals prepared with loving intention.
  • Gesundheit: Teach the value of plant-based meals for improving the health of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Ausbildung: Informieren Sie andere über die Kunst und Wissenschaft des Food Yoga als integralen Bestandteil der Bewusstseinsentwicklung.
  • Anwaltschaft für Tiere: Unterstützen Sie Tierrettungsprojekte, um die Gleichheit allen Lebens durch direkte Erfahrung zu demonstrieren.
FOOD FOR LIFE Global is a nonprofit charitable organization with regional offices in Delaware, USA, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Food for Life Global is the international headquarters for Food for Life – the world’s largest vegan food relief. It is funded mainly by member donations.