Food for Life in New Zealand making positive changes in the community

Food for Life in New Zealand making positive changes in the community


Food for Life in the Northern Island of New Zealand received two glowing articles in the Whangarei Leader. One article featured volunteer Vanessa Hodgon who has served at the FFL kitchen for the last 18 months, while the other reported on the Corrections’ Vegetable Garden that supplies the FFL kitchen and the Salvation Army food bank Reporter Penelope McConnell wrote: “Last Tuesday they were lined up at the door,” said Vanessa. “On a rainy, cold day people like to come in for a hot meal. We definitely have our regulars.” When Hodgon moved to Whangarei she found she needed things to do and a way to get out of the house and meet new people. She looks forward to volunteering every Wednesday and often turns up early to ensure everything is clean and ready to go.  “This area at the front is my domain,” she says. “Everyone gets to know each other, there is no stress and we have a nice meal together.”  The other article reported on Food for Life’s innovative program for engaging prisoners in the charity’s good work. The article was titled: OFFENDERS TURN HAND TO HELP. Reporter, Alexandra Newlove said: More than 400 offenders are quietly righting their wrongs in the Whangarei community. We hardly hear of them, but the thousands of men and women sentenced to community work each year help maintain our schools, parks, marae, churches and cemeteries.  Community service manager Jay Wain in the Corrections’ Vegetable Garden that is maintained by offenders, said: “We are very proud of this garden, seedlings are supplied by Mitre 10 and Bunnings and the food grown here is donated to Food for Life and the Salvation Army.” To learn more about Food for Life in New Zealand and how you can get involved or support the project visit: Email: 022 1218908 Visit:  26 Water […]

How to Serve 2 Million Meals on a Daily Basis and Change the World

EPISODE 108 Interview with Paul Rodney Turner If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element Prefer to download? Download Paul Rodney Turner, the “Food Yogi” is the international director of Food for Life and the co-founder of Food for Life Global, the world headquarters for the charity. Food for Life is the largest plant-based food relief project in the world with helping people in over 50 countries and serving up to 2 million meals daily. In this Show, You’ll learn: Why Paul is called the “food yogi” and what it means to him. How Food for Life is serving millions of meals to people in need. The easy and hard things of having been a monk for 14 years. How food can be meditative and spiritual. Links & References from the Show Food for Life Food Yogi Paul Turner

FFL Annamrita’s food dispatch process is something to admire


Everyday, 258 cooks prepare wholesome meals in 20 Annamrita kitchens and 301 vehicles carry hope and promise to over a million children in 6288 schools across India. After the raw materials have been procured, the rice cleaned and the cooking completed, the next challenge is the dispatch process. How to get so many meals out to the children as fast and efficiently as we can? The day before, all the containers have been air dried after washing and then sanitized; this ensures that they are 100% clean when filled with highly nutritious hot food. Once the food is ready, it is tasted and observations for temperature, colour, appearance, flavour, consistency and taste are documented. After the documented parameters are found to be acceptable, the containers are passed on the conveyor below the cauldrons. The outlet valve at the bottom of the cauldron is opened and the container is filled with the food. Once filled up to the pre-measured level, the containers are pushed on the conveyor and the next container is filled. In this entire process, food is untouched by hand. This ensures maintenance of high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Next, the filled containers are sealed with security seals to avoid tampering. The security seal is of paramount importance and the schools have been instructed to not accept the containers if the seal is broken. Each container has a specific colour coded security seal (which indicates the variety and quantity of food) to help easily identify during delivery.  Samples of all the food cooked for the day are taken out and their temperature is measured 3 hours after the dispatch to coincide with the school lunch break timings. In this way we can ensure that the food is still at a safe temperature when the children eat their lunch.  After washing and sanitizing the serving spoons, they […]

Food for Life Annamrita receives Best Club Partner NGO Award


The Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town honoured FFL Global affiliate, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) with PP Mohan Shahani Trophy for the “Best Club Partner NGO”, appreciating its contribution to the underprivileged children. Rotary president, Mr. James Brunner handed the award to Dr. Radhakrishna Das, Administrative Advisor of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation. Acting Continuously for Hunger Eradication – Annapurna Day As the Rotary Club year began on 1st July, Rotary Districts across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan celebrated the day as “Annapurna Day.” Annapurna is a Sanskrit name which literally means “full of food” (feminine form), but is normally translated as Goddess of the Harvests. In Hinduism, Annapurna is “… the universal and timeless kitchen-goddess … the mother who feeds. Without her there is starvation, a universal fear: This makes Annapurna a universal goddess The Food for Life Annamrita project, under the management of IFRF joined hands with various clubs in Rotary Districts 3140 by providing meals to 6820 underprivileged children in various slums of Mumbai. ISKCON Relief Foundation’s Food for Life Annamrita project is the premier project amongst FFL Global’s international family of affiliates.  To learn more, visit:  About IFRF ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) believes in providing children with the right nutrition to support their education. IFRF’s Food for Life Annamrita program is based on the belief that ‘you are what you eat’. Therefore one nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school. You can help every child in India get an education, if someone can donate that one wholesome meal. Presently IFRF serves over 1,300,000 meals daily from their 20 kitchens across 8 states in India. Imbued with a spiritual ambience in their hi-tech kitchens, the Food for Life Annamrita meals nourish the body, mind and soul alike.  ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian public charitable trust formed on April 23, 2004 and […]

Conoce el nuevo prasadam Das


¿Quién es Prasadam Das y qué significa el nombre? Prasadam Das es la mascota de Food for Life Global. Fue creado originalmente como un personaje de dibujos animados por Nataraja Das de Riga, Letonia en 1996 y posteriormente actualizado por el Director FFL, Paul Rodney Turner en 1998. En ese momento, Nataraja das produjo un cómic de prasadam das que promovia los ideales y prácticas de Food for Life . El personaje se convirtió en un icono de la caridad en todo el mundo , apareciendo en furgonetas y boletines producidos por afiliados de Food for Life Global. La mayoría de los voluntarios, sin embargo , no estaban al tanto de los orígenes de prasadam das . Prasadam means: Sanctified plant based meals; and das means: Servant of. So Prasadam das means, that person who is the servant of sanctified meals. Prasadam also means mercy and there is nothing so merciful than giving food to someone you love and respect. In this way, Prasadam das represents the core essence of what Food for Life is all about, expressing our love for others through the liberal sharing of pure food.

Retiro de 6 dias de Food Yoga en Brasil


Únete al director de Food for Life y “Food Yogi”, Paul Rodney Turner para un  retiro de 6 de Food Yoga en el espectacular sitio Dharma Shala Eco en Brasil. El objetivo final del reitro es inspirarte a vivir tu vida de una manera más consciente y hacer la elección de alimentos y su relación con la comida más significativa y nutritiva para el cuerpo, mente y alma. Introduccion: Como seres humanos, resonamos de 5 maneras, por lo tanto, este retiro desarrollará y nutrira tu cuerpo, mente y espíritu a través de volver a conectar tecon los 5 elementos principales: Tierra, Agua, Fuego, Aire y Éter. Cada día vamos a sumergirnos en uno de los elementos – la comprensión de cómo uno de los elementos que se expresa en la naturaleza, nuestro cuerpo, la comida, la música y las actividades. Food Yogi en the Healthy You TV show [youtube][/youtube]Nuestro del Food Yogi ha creado un programa especial para ayudarle a convertirte y quedar totalmente inmerso en cada uno de los elementos, a través de la teoría y las actividades prácticas en el primer día y después de una excursión al día siguiente en el que todos experimentar toda la potencia de cada elemento y discutiremos lo que hemos aprendido. Vamos a pasar un día entero en cada uno de los cinco elementos principales (tierra, agua, fuego, aire, éter) que culminara en una fiesta donde todo el mundo va a estar involucrado en poner sus conocimientos de Food Yoga a la práctica.   4pm: Registro, llegada 6pm: Cena 7pm: Conoce a los maestros DIA 1 –  TIERRA (24 Septiembre) 5:30am: Toma del sol en la mañana (opcional) 7:30am: Desayuno 9:00am: Introduccion al Food Yoga 9:30am: inmersión en la tierra Ejercicios de conexion con la tierra Yoga asanas acercarnos a la tierra Jardineria Organica y proteccion de vacas 11:30am: Aprender sobre alimentos de la tierra 12:00pm: […]