6 Day Food Yoga Retreat in Brazil

6 Day Food Yoga Retreat in Brazil


Join director of Food for Life and “food yogi,” Paul Rodney Turner for a 6 day food yoga retreat in the spectacular Dharma Shala Eco Retreat in Brazil. The ultimate goal of the retreat is to inspire you to live your life more consciously and to make food choices and your relationship with food more meaningful and nourishing to your body, mind and soul. Introduction: As humans, we resonate to “five”-ness, therefore, your retreat will unfold and nourish your body, mind and spirit through reconnecting with the 5 principle elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Each day we will immerse ourselves in one of the elements – understanding how that elements expresses itself in nature, our body, food, music and activities. Food Yogi on the Healthy You TV show [youtube]http://youtu.be/xA1eVs4nW1Y[/youtube] Our Food Yogi team have created a special program for helping you become fully immersed in each one of the elements, through theory and practical activities on the first day and then an excursion the following day where we will all experience the full power of each element and discuss what we’ve learnt. We will spend one whole day on each of the five main elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) culminating in a feast where everyone will be involved in putting their food yoga skills to practice. Arrival (23 September) 4pm: Registration begins 6pm: Dinner 7pm: Meeting the teachers DAY 1 – EARTH (24th September) 5:30am: Morning Sun gazing (optional) 7:30am: Breakfast 9:00am: Introduction to Food Yoga 9:30am: Immersion in Earth Earthling exercises Yoga asanas for grounding Organic Gardening & Cow Protection 11:30am: Learning about Earth foods 12:00pm: Kitchen: Earth food creations How to make non-leavened breads 1:00pm: Lunch 3:30pm: Workshop: Making Incense 4:30pm: Workshop: Introduction to Reiki 6:00pm: Dinner 7:30pm: Earth Music Jam 9:00pm: Stargazing (optional) DAY 2 – […]

New Kitchen Religion Cookbook series launched

The Hare Krishna movement is famous all over the world for the delicious meals they serve at large festivals. It is truly astonishing how the cooks are able to make so much food taste so good. As a result, the spiritual organizaton is often referred to as the “kitchen religion.”  “I made this movement successful simply by love feast*,” explained the founder, Srila Prabhupada during a room conversation at the end of his life. *Love feast: Another name for the Hare Krishna free vegetarian feast served on Sundays at ISKCON temples around the world.  “They did not come to hear Hare Krishna. They came for love feast. From very beginning, when I was in 26 2nd Avenue, every Sunday I was giving nice foodstuffs, at least 200 men….I was cooking myself. That is the beginning of our movement.” Srila Prabhupada is the inspiration behind the Food for Life project and was himself an expert at cooking delicious meals for large gatherings — and this is an important difference between Srila Prabhupada and other leaders of spiritual organizations. Srila Prabhupada always considered himself a servant of God and demonstrated his humility when establishing his new spiritual organization (ISKCON) by cooking for his students himself and then cleaning up after them!  In fact, Srila Prabhupada made it abundantly clear that eating pure food (prasadam) was an essential activity of his new movement.  “Our Hare Krsna movement is standing on three principle things: chanting, dancing, and eating prasadam. It is not very difficult. It is very enjoyable to chant, dance, and take prasadam. And if you like, you can hear a little philosophy of this movement. Or even if you do not understand the philosophy, even you do not read the books, simply if you take part in these three things, chanting, dancing, and taking […]

Food Yogi, FFL Director on Healthy You TV show

Director of Food for Life and “food yogi”, Paul Rodney Turner was the special guest cook on Healthy You TV last week on FPA Channel 10 in Virginia. He made spicey potato parathas, raw mango/goji berry chutney and a raw vegan peppermint, chocolate chip ice cream.  Food Yogi on the Healthy You TV show (30 mins) [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA1eVs4nW1Y[/youtube] Behind the Scenes with the Food Yogi (3 mins) [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEfasid7BnQ[/youtube]

Beware of Secret Shopper Scam on Craigslist – Bogus FFLG checks being issued


If you have recently received a check from Food for Life Global, please note that the checks are bogus and will not work and are part of an elaborate scam posted on Craigslist for a Secret Shopper or Red Bull program. Food for Life Global is a food relief charity and we certainly don’t issue checks to people for secret shopping. An unscrupulous person(s) have created bogus FFLG checks and are hoping innocent people will cash them, take their “service fees” and then send the remaining cash to a person on the email or letter the people received with their check. One of the recipients of the funds is: Receiver’s Name: Valerie BanuelosAddress:- 184 Grandview St,City:- Pasadena,State:- CAZip Code:- 91103 This is actually a real address, so hopefully this address can lead to catching these scammers. What to Do? If you have received such a check in the mail, DO NOT — USE THE CHECK. It will not work and if you try you will implicate yourself in illegal activity. Immediately report it to your local police, as  well as to Craigslist and the Internet Crime Complaint department. Also scan or photograph check and send a copy to fflglobal@gmail.com  Resources: FBI – Internet Fraud Information 419 Scam With your help we may be able to catch these people and have them arrested. 

Food for Life revived in Serbia with the flood disaster


In the early days of my service to Food for Life, I got to travel through the former soviet union, eastern Europe and the Balkans. I ventured into war zones in Chechnya, Georgia and Sarajevo. But one thing surprised me more than anything else: I found the people in these parts of the world to be the most enthusiastic to start a Food for Life project and the scope seemed unlimited. Many young men and women asked me what to do and how they could model the success of what we had done in Australia. One of those young enthusiasts was Krishna devotee, Srinivas das, who took on the task of developing Food for Life in Belgrade, Serbia.  He very methodically built a program from the ground up and followed all the good practices of others before him in Western Countries. Srinivas was able to get the support of the UNHCR and the Red Cross and position his Food for Life project as an essential partner in improving the social injustices that were present in Belgrade at the time. His project was a model of success for other projects in Eastern Europe and I encouraged other projects to follow suit and work for ways to cooperate with the more established NGOs in the area. “It was the most effective way to build credibility,” I told FFL volunteers, and in fact, partnering as such became an important ingredient in a book I would later release called, The 10 Ingredients of Success, later revised and republished at How to Develop a Successful Food for Life Project. Sadly, however, with the changing political and financial landscape of Serbia, over time, the program he built stalled, lost steam and stopped.  The Balkans floods The flood disaster that devastated large parts of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia stimulated […]

FFL Music Ambassador – Matthew Human

Every once in a while an artist emerges that just touches that perfect place inside, Mathew Human is one of those artists. Backed by The Human Revolution, an impressive rotating cast of master musicians, Human has been leading the way for politically, socially, and ecologically charged performers and songwriters for over a decade. Guests and past members of the lineup have included: Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Jazz is Dead), Donny “Divino” Smith (Willie Nelson), Roger Fritz (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynn) “Uncle” Don Lopez (Willie Nelson, Willie K), Gene Parsons (The Byrds), David Mayfield (Cadillac Sky, Avett Brothers), Jessica Lea Mayfield, Alice Di Micele, Kailen Yong (Boulder Acoustic Society) and MC Radioactive (Spearhead) to name a few. The Human Revolution boasts an eclectic mix of styles with a definitive foundation in that roots-rock country style of music, we call it Mystic Americana. Songs transition gently from ecstatic dance beats to tearjerker ballads, from modern political rockers to positive roots reggae, carrying the audience on a journey which changes, often with the band, from show to show. Food for Life Music Ambassador Matthew Human is a Food for Life Global music ambassador to help spread Food for Life’s message of peace and unity. Matthew will also raise awareness of Food for Life Global’s work around the world at his concerts and media events and encourage fans to become Food for Life Global members. Every new member receives a free copy of FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul. In 2012 Matthew wrote and produced a new Food for Life song (track 11) as part of his latest album: A Small Town. Factoids and fun stuff… The Human Revolution has been rocking crowds from Maui to San Francisco, New York to Nashville, Kansas to Costa Rica and all […]

El director de Food For Life en la revista australiana YOGA LIFE

Nutriendo el alma- La historia del food yogi Impreso primero en  AUSTRALIAN YOGA LIFE (Sept – Nov 2013) www.ayl.com.au Nutriendo el alma Sentado en las playas de Sri Lanka  al comienzo de su tour mundial al comienzo de este año (2013), El director de  Food For Life (FFL) Global  Paul Rodney Turner estaba reflexionando en silencio en su viaje de la vida. “Medité ¿Por qué me encuentro viajando tanto?”, Escribió en su blog “Diario de viaje del food yogi “¿Por qué me parece que no puede instalarme? La respuesta fácil a esto es: porque puedo. Soy solo, sin ningún tipo de deudas y una misión en todo el mundo. “ Pero hay algo mas allá en esta historia “Si, yo viajo por estas razones,” dijo. “de cualquier manera también estoy viajando porque estoy buscando mi hogar” Que significa “hogar “para este devoto del yoga quien nació y fue criado en los suburbios occidentales de Sídney  y quien dirige la organización más grande de alivio alimenticio basado en vegetales en el mundo? “ En una definición pura hogar es un campo espiritual o donde mi alma es más feliz” dijo.  “Desde que no estoy calificado para estar en el  campo espiritual en este momento, sólo puedo esperar para encontrar una sensación de hogar estando en un lugar que de felicidad a mi alma.” Turner cree que para estar cualificado y entrar al campo espiritual no tenemos que alcanzar un estado de pureza para que nuestra conciencia pueda sintonizar una frecuencia espiritual superior “Estar en un lugar donde el alma es feliz significa eso, hasta que nuestra conciencia se corrija en una frecuencia espiritual más alta, por lo menos podemos disfrutar de nuestras conexiones en este mundo de la manera más pura posible a través del amor incondicional,” dijo. Con el slogan “Uniendo al mundo atravez de alimentos puros”, Food For Life Global trabaja […]

Director of Food for Life interviewed on Main Street Vegan Radio Show


Food for Life director and food yogi, Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das) was interviewed on Main Street Vegan radio show hosted by Vegan celebrity Victoria Moran on June 4th. In the 20 minute interview he discusses Food for Life’s beginning and work around the world, as well as food yoga philosophy. He is the 2nd guest on the show and the interview starts around 14 minutes in. GO HERE: http://www.unity.fm/episode/MainStreetVegan_060414