Food for Life Global teams up with Natalia Parra

Food for Life Global teams up with Natalia Parra


Rising political star, animal rights activist and vegan, Natalia Parra recently met with director of Food for Life Global, Paul Rodney Turner to discuss how the non-profit’s expertise and knowledge of nutritious meals could be helpful for her political goals. Parra is currently vying to become a leader in Colombia and her campaign policies are as follows: Animals are not objects: she is planning to increase the laws that protect animals Don’t kill animals:  Animals must not be slaughtered, but yes served. Work for sterilization and adoption are the mechanism of control for canine and feline population in the municipalities as well as the installation of public hospitals for animals. Suffering is not fun: Animals are not the subject of entertainment. Do not support shows where they mistreat, injure or kill animals. State Budget: Animal protection should be included in the state budget. We will work to include in the annual state budget a line item for animal protection. Free wildlife:Animals should not be trafficked. Work with law enforcement against wildlife trafficking and make political control over the actions or omissions of state officials. Science, with awareness: Animals should not be used in experimentation. Act against the continuation of experiments involving the use, abuse and killing of animals. No violence: We reject all forms of violence. Work to promote the cessation of violence, especially gender, race and species, showing their interrelationship and consequences. No war!: Animals are victims of armed conflict. We will support the peace process, we do not want more human and nonhuman victims because of the war. Education in Empathy: Be a responsible citizen with animals. Work to include all levels of education through lectures on animals and society. Animals are not slaves: Animals are not trucks. Sustainable food: Consume responsibly and informed benefits us all. Work in promoting agroecology, rural and […]

Feeding The 5000 Brussels

On 1.4.14 Feeding the 5000 held a hugely successful event in Brussels at the Marché Aux Herbes near the Grand Place. Together with our partners, we served up over 6,000 delicious lunches all made from ingredients that otherwise would have gone to waste to highlight the positive solutions to the global food waste scandal.  Here’s a look at the day in photos by Julie Feyaerts. Feeding the 5000 Brussels is bringing together an alliance of organisations at all levels to raise awareness of the scale of food waste in Belgium, the EU and globally and promote the solutions which exist. On the 1st of April 2014 we provided a delicious free feast for thousands of members of the public, sourced entirely from fresh, top-quality produce that would otherwise go to waste, including misshapen potatoes, wonky carrots and oversized aubergines. It will be a spectacular public celebration of the positive, win-win solutions to food waste. Feeding the 5000 Brussels and its surrounding campaign are being organised in partnership with the Feeding the 5000 campaign and a range of organisations working to tackle food waste in Belgium and internationally. These include EU FUSIONS, the Federation of Belgian Food Banks, Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network Brussels, Disco Soupe Brussels, 11.11.11., CRIOC, Velt, KOMOSIE and Social Groceries Flanders, as well as the Flemish Minister for Poverty Reduction. The event is being supported by WWF, Eurotoques, Food Sharing and Food for Life Global. – See more at The event is being supported by the Flemish Minister for Poverty Reduction. Report by Mukunda Das

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