Food for Life Champion makes “Poor Man’s Feast” for TV

Food for Life Champion makes “Poor Man’s Feast” for TV


Peter O’Grady (aka Parasuram Das) is a man on a mission in the UK. The smiling irishman has been cooking and feeding people for over 25 years and he does it all for free! “He is one of our best,” says, International Director, Paul Rodney Turner. “Parasuram is just a saintly man with a heart of gold. All he cares about is helping other people. I am so impressed by his determination and enthusiasm to serve day in and day out.” Recently, Peter was asked to participate in the ITV special cooking show, Food Glorious Food, as judges from the show scoured the country in search of a very special dish that everyone in Britain will, for the first time ever, be able to buy and eat in stores nationwide. Peter showcased his famous “Poor Man’s Feast” recipe and host Loyd Grossman loved it. Food Glorious Food is a competition for budding cooks – and the prize couldn’t be more mouth-watering – the winner gets to see their dish on the shelves of Marks & Spencer stores all over the UK as well as receiving a cash prize of £20,000. To learn more about Peter’s amazing service to the community, visit him at DONATE Donate through JustGive here: [youtube][/youtube] About Food for All Food For All (“FFA”) is a registered charity based in London (also other parts of the UK), which distributes over 900 free, nutritionally balanced meals to the different groups of people, including the homeless, disadvantaged and ‘needy’ on a daily basis. FFA targets the homeless, single parents, the elderly, the unemployed, people suffering from mental and physical disabilities and the marginalised. (Charity No. 1077897) Food For All projects London Distribution: SOAS University, LSE University Monday – Saturday 12:30pm – 2:00pm. (Term Times) Food Van: Kentish Town – 12pm, Camden […]

PAWS – the newest affiliate of FFL Global


Food for Life Global is happy to welcome the latest of it’s affiliates, the Perth-based non-profit PAWS. “David Reynolds (below), director of PAWS approached me to partner with FFLG and after observing the work they are doing we were more than happy to collaborate,” said Paul Turner, director of FFLG. Turner visited the organization before heading out of Australia on an FFLG world tour to help expand the charity’s work. He visited the PAWS vegan cafe, the hub of PAWS projects, that include feeding the homeless, community gardens, animal welfare, temporary shelter for humans, and health and nutrition services, etc,. “I believe PAWS is a model for other non-profits in the vegan/vegetarian sector,” says Turner. “We are very hopeful for this new alliance and look forward to supporting David and his terrific group of helpers and learning from their success so that we can share it with our other partners.” One of the biggest supporters of PAWS is the local “birdman” Joel Cornwell who has been supplying fruits and vegetables for the PAWS cafe and relief projects for years. “Joel manages to get us just about everything we need to make our meals for people and through his efforts we are able to keep our costs down and even offer free meals to anyone that cannot afford to eat at our cafe,” explained Reynolds. To help PAWS or get involved visit their web site: About PAWS PAWS, People & Animal Welfare Society Inc is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation established 19th of April 2000. Our Vision The PAWS vision is a society wherein humans and non-human animals can coexist peacefully without the threat of cruelty, exploitation or untimely death. PAWS envisions increasing numbers of ethically responsible people living with a deep sense of purpose for the betterment of society and the sustainability […]