FFL Project Documentary: AmmA means Mother (Directors Cut release)

FFL Project Documentary: AmmA means Mother (Directors Cut release)

[vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/27041560[/vimeo] AmmA Means Mother: Directors Cut from James Clement Cook on Vimeo. A touching documentary on the amazing warm-hearted lady who runs a children’s home in Sri Lanka and the children who open their home and hearts to those orphaned by the Great Asian Tsunami of 2004 in which 300,000 lost their lives. (Run time: 50 mins) Narrated by Academy Award-winner, F. Murray Abraham. Sound recording my performance artist Laurie Anderson, with music by The Smithereens, Nick Lowe, Trini Lopez, Sun Palace, Astrud Gilberto, and the Chintanami Band. Directed by James Clement Cook, Written by Andrea “Sid” Curtis. This musically-driven Documentary will warm your heart. Visit Gokulam Orphanage web site Sponsor a Child Now Many children in Sri Lanka are orphaned and abandoned due to the devastating tsunami and years of ethnic war. They were left with nothing, with no one to look after them but themselves. These children have found a new home and family at Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home. They have gained security in the love and care of Nandarani Devi, Gokulam’s principle mother, along with the companionship of their new brothers and sisters. They are now members of a loving family. As a Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home Child Sponsor you will personally invest in the life of an orphaned child. By sponsoring an orphaned child for just for little more than a dollar a day, you will enable a child to participate in one of the best orphan programs in Sri Lanka. Your child will be assured of complete health care, unconditional love, a full education, nutritious meals, moral guidance, and emotional support. Moreover, you will be sending a strong message to your child that there is someone else who cares a great deal. Please click here to sponsor a child now.

Somalia Crisis – Food for Life Global researching options

Starving children

July 21 – SOMALIA. Food for Life Global is currently researching options for providing some relief to the estimated 3.7 million people affected by famine occurring in the Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions of southern Somalia. The UN has appealed for 300 million US dollars over the next two months to bolster its response in the affected areas. “Our hope is to provide at help to at least some of the people,” said Food for Life Director, Paul Turner. “FFLG will do what it does best and serve hot vegan meals. But our success is fully dependent on the support of our donors.” Tens of thousands  of people are currently migrating to escape the severe drought wrecking havoc in southern and central parts of the war-ravaged country with an equally large number already having perished across the region, most of them children. The UN estimates that humanitarian agencies need 1.6 billion US dollars for Somalia alone, with UN Director, Ban Ki-Moon stating, “Humanitarian agencies need urgent funding to save lives. If funding is not made available for humanitarian interventions now, the famine is likely to continue and spread. The overall requirement is 1.6 billion dollars for Somalia, roughly 300 million US dollars is needed in the next two months to provide an adequate response to famine affected areas.” If you are interested in supporting a Food for Life Global vegan food relief effort, either by volunteering or by donation of cash or kind, please respond now.

Director of Food for Life gives FOOD YOGI workshop

Taichung, Taiwan — June 24 – 27 — Australian born, Paul Turner (aka Priyavrata), director of Food for Life Global is currently on a tour of Asian countries presenting FOOD YOGI workshops. The 3 day course presents the philosophy of Food for Life as it relates to food choices, lifestyle, respect for nature and spirituality. The presentation is based on notes from Turner’s yet to be published book, The YOGA of EATING — a 300 page manifesto of the Food Yogi lifestyle with a specific emphasis on introducing a Food Offering Meditation. The idea behind the book was inspired by the founder of Food for Life, Swami Prabhupada, who said that “everyone should get a chance to take prasadam…” He believed strongly that through the liberal distribution of prasadam (food that is prepared with loving intention and then offered to God) the whole world could become peaceful and prosperous.” The meaning of this statement is that clean, non-violent foods that are prepared with loving intention have the ability to unite people in a loving bond. We all have experience of this when we sit down to a meal prepared with love on holidays. The purpose of the Food Yogi course is to introduce students to the culture of spiritual hospitality and the importance of food on their spiritual journey. Students learn how to achieve optimum health by practicing the Food Yogi diet and lifestyle, which includes, what to eat, when to eat, water therapy, a food offering meditation, conscious eating and raw food demonstrations. The Food Yoga workshop covers a variety of subjects, including: Metaphysics of food Sacred Foods and Alchemy Sacred Geometry of Food The importance of water Food Politics Spiritual Hospitality The 10 Characteristics of a Food Yogi Food Offering Meditation Conscious Eating Every day is followed with […]

ISKCON Food Relief – simply the best in quality and quantity

Food for Life Global affiliate, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation has set the standard for quality nutritious lunches for school children. The organisation continues to expand its popular lunch service all throughout India. The fact that the non-profit can maintain such a high standard of quality, while serving over 250,000 meals daily is astonishing to say the least. THE SETTING Hunger and illiteracy are two of India’s most widespread and pressing problems. Although public schooling is offered free of cost to children aged 6–14, poverty bars the underprivileged from taking advantage. Typically hailing from slums and tribal areas, such children must either go hungry at school or resort to begging and child labor. In 2004, the Government of Maharashtra appointed Midday Meal to provide nutritional support for primary school children. The initiative aims to break the hunger cycle by providing impoverished families the incentive to keep their children in school—and off the streets. Midday Meal is a non-profit strategic program run for the benefit of all hungry students without consideration of caste, religion, or gender. For most children, it is their only complete meal of the day. THE IMPACT Numerous studies have demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between these lunch programs and increased student enrollment, attendance, attention spans, and exam scores. Other benefits include reductions in skin infection, anemia, and marked improvements in body mass index. STATE OF THE ART PROCESS Midday Meal’s four ISO-certified, custom-built kitchens mass-produce meals which are hygienic, nutritious, tasty, and cost-effective. To feed one student costs only ten cents per day, or $20.35 per school year. Midday Meal’s logistical infrastructure is a marvel of engineering ingenuity. Its unique solutions include: automated conveyor belt steam-jacketed cauldrons (660 lb. capacity) tamper-proof stainless steel containers computerized recipes flight-kitchen grade ventilation and drainage rack-fitted delivery vehicles 4 kitchens + 55 cooks + 69 vans + […]