Japan still needs our help

Japan still needs our help

Food for Life Global relief effort in Japan: The situation in Japan is rather complicated and still risky. Our team on the ground are providing meals, however, we are still exploring a long term strategy. With all the focus now on Libya, there is a tendency for the public to forget about Japan. FFLG and its affiliate ISKCON Japan are very much focused on helping the Japanese people. The support from donors is still very much needed. So please continue to give. If you have applied to volunteer, we will be posting an update soon with details about how you can help. – Paul Turner International Director

ISKCON Tokyo helping survivors of Earthquake

Food for Life Global affiliate, ISKCON Tokyo has been steadily providing help to survivors of the recent Tsunami in Japan. ISKCON Tokyo volunteer coordinator, Sunjay Krishna Das, says the Tokyo’s schools, offices, transportation, hospitals, fire brigade, and police are all on duty with a significant capacity. Currently, the ISKCON volunteers are taking care of around fifty Nepali nationals, who fled from the badly hit city of Sendai, where they had been studying Japanese at the university. The refugees are expected to stay in the ISKCON Cultural Centre until they can either be rehabilitated or return to Nepal. “The Nepalese and other survivors have been receiving rice and mixed vegetables since they arrived, as well as water and blankets,” explained Sunjay. “We plan to have a fundraising event for those affected by the earthquake—offering prayers and seeing how we can serve the affected people even more.” “However great a nation may be—the third largest economy in the world, the most organized, the most technically advanced—the fury of nature can devastate it all in a few minutes,” he says. “This should humble the intelligent, and help us understand the supremacy of higher powers and our own insignificance.” Food for Life Global is helping to expand the relief effort provided by ISKCON Tokyo with funds and more volunteers. Refugees enjoying their hot meal FFL EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND If you would like to support a Food for Life vegan food relief effort in Japan, please contribute All donations to Food for Life Global are tax deductible (ID: 52-1952901). You can help support the work of Food for Life in the following ways: You can make a difference with a gift to Food for Life Global. Your donation will help more people become free of hunger. We rely on people like you to help us […]

Calling for volunteers for Japan Relief

March 13, 2011 — FUKUSHIMA, Japan – After the biggest quake ever recorded in Japan unleashed a monster tsunami, the fragile public braces for a possible meltdown of two reactors at a quake-hit nuclear plant as the death toll from the disaster that hit the northeast coast is expected to exceed 10,000. On Saturday, the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant blew open the building that housed one of its reactors. Emergency crews struggled to prevent overheating at a second reactor. Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the situation remained grave, and that Japan was facing its worst crisis since the end of the Second World War. Millions of people are still without electricity because Japan’s nuclear industry provides about a third of its power needs. The UN reported that a total of 590,000 people had been evacuated in and around the quake and tsunami disaster areas. The colossal 8.9-magnitude “superquake” was 8000 times more powerful than the one that recently hit Christchurch in New Zealand. The force of the ensuing tsunami sent waves of churning mud and debris racing over towns and farmland in Japan’s northeast, consuming everything in its path. Stephen McDonald who is leading Save the Children’s response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan said, “We are extremely anxious for at least 70,000 children who have been displaced because of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Many of them will have lost their homes and been forced to take refuge in unfamiliar places like evacuation centres that might cause them to be afraid and anxious.” Paul Turner, director of Food for Life Global said, “Our organisation was there to help during the Asian Tsunami of 2004 and so we expect to do much the same in Japan. The challenge is great but we are hopeful that the public will rally behind […]

Food for Life reaching out to earthquake survivors


Feb 28, 2011 – Food for Life Global affiliate in Christchurch, ISKCON NZ, was not spared from the devastating affects of the recent earthquake. “The earthquake destroyed the temple as well as our member’s homes. However, the monks and the congregation of the Krishna community are all safe,” explained Ramanuja das, the president of the temple. True to the spirit of Food for Life, the Krishna devotees have initiated a food relief effort to help families that have lost everything. “We are cooking and serving between 400 and 700 people in the New Brighton main street. The aim is to carry on every day for as long as possible,” he said. SEE LATEST PHOTOS If you would like to support Food for Life New Zealand, contact the the FFL relief team at: Phone: +64 (03) 366 5174 Email: harekrishna.christchurch@gmail.com Or donate through the Food for Life Global Emergency Relief Fund