Online giving – Let your moral compass direct you

Online giving – Let your moral compass direct you

The end of year is time to consider making a gift to those that really need it. Even in economically challenging times like now, it is astonishing to see the consumer treadmill is running as good as ever. In fact, way better than expected according to a report by the Economic Times, “The holiday shopping season has turned out better than anyone expected. Sales from November through Saturday were up 2.5 per cent. Americans have spent $32 billion ($32,000,000,000) online, 15 per cent more than a year ago. Retails sales were up in November for the sixth month in a row. People are spending, in particular, on clothes, cars, electronics and furniture.”  If only one hundredth of 1% of that online spending or $3.2 million was directed to the work of volunteer-run charities like Food for Life Global, tremendous good could be done for millions of children. In fact, we could realistically serve more than 12.8 million kids! That’s right, for every dollar donated, FFLG could feasibly help provide at least 4 children a healthy hot meal from one of our projects around the world. That is over 400 children with every $100 donated. Why consider Food for Life Global over other agencies? Food for Life Global’s mission is uniting the world through pure food. Only the healthiest food is served by our affiliates in over 50 countries. No animal is harmed in the production of our food. All food is carefully designed by on-staff nutritionists and all cooks are volunteers. In other words, your donation is used with maximum efficiency and impact in mind and guided by a moral compass pointing towards compassion and health.Let your moral compass direct your charitable giving to a non-profit that has: Served the world since 1974 Is Volunteer run Has served over 1 […]

This holiday season, donate trees not animals

By HEATHER FARAID DRENNAN / People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Source: The Bellingham Herald With the holidays fast approaching, most of us are receiving solicitations for a variety of charitable programs, some good, some not so good. I would include animal-donation programs – in which a cow or a goat or some other animal is given to an impoverished family overseas – in the latter category. When I was about 10 years old, my mother volunteered to milk goats at a farm near our home in Massachusetts. It was a noble sentiment in theory, but in practice it involved weekly ordeals with feisty, intelligent goats, each of whom had her own plan of resistance when it came to getting them into the milking pen. Once a goat was in the pen, it was my job to try to distract the animal so that my mother could get the milking done without getting kicked or having the pail kicked over, spilling all her hard-fought milk on the barn floor. I imagine her reaction would not have been one of gratitude had someone presented her with a “full-time” goat. But daily tussles with goats are the least of the problems that impoverished families have to face when animal-donation programs foist animals upon them. Organizations that send animals to families may mean well, but they do not provide a sustainable solution for global hunger. World Land Trust called these programs “environmentally unsound and economically disastrous.” Grazing animals often cause topsoil runoff and land degradation, which can exacerbate the problems of drought-prone areas, and growing plants for animal consumption is a much more inefficient use of resources than growing plants for people to eat directly. For families on the receiving end of animal-donation programs, the animal is just another mouth to feed. […]

Happy Thanksgiving, USA – Be Love in Action

Today, I am thinking of all my friends in the US who are celebrating Thanksgiving and praying that they take the time to actually be grateful for the blessings that come to them, and more importantly to take a moment to appreciate every living being today. Every single one of us, from the ants, elephants, humans and plants — all are an expression of God’s majesty, love and poetry. We personify that loving expression; we are loved and loving others unconditionally is what brings us the greatest joy. Today is a day to express your love for the world. But it should NOT just stop there. Thanksgiving is a day to remind us of our true essence and to give us perspective. I recently watched a documentary by Velcrow Ripper on the Occupy movement. His message: Love is what the world needs, not greed, not more money, and certainly not more corporate control. [youtube][/youtube] For too long, we have allowed corporations to control our lives, including the most sacred place in our homes, our dinner table. Just imagine, if the currency of the world was not pieces of paper, oil or weapons, but love, expressed as unconditional service to all living things. A world united by love; a world where no one was left out, no one felt disrespected or forgotten. Just imagine. There is certainly enough natural resources in the world to sustain every man, women and child on the planet, and plenty more to go around to maintain every animal and plant as well. If only we could just share those resources and only take our God-given quota. Thanksgiving should not be about eating turkeys and drinking beer. It should be about appreciating our world and every thing on this planet. The history of Thanksgiving is stained by bloodshed […]

Food Yogi Workshop at the Witchie Woo Wellness Retreat

Yogi Priya conducted another Food Yogi workshop at the beautiful Witchie Woo Bed & Breakfast retreat centre on Bribie Island, owned and managed by entrepreneur, healer and visionary Craig Harmer. Twenty three partipants learned the science of Food Yoga and were then treated to a 2 hour raw gourmet food demonstration by Yogi Priya and his Food Yogi assistants, Craig, Vicki, and Ange. The raw food demonstration included: Nori, pepper, avocado salad Pumpkin Seed garden Pate’ Zucchini Tahini Hummus Brazil Nut milk Almond cheese Chocolate mint mango vegan cheesecake Chocolate strawberry vegan cheesecake Apple pie Mango ice cream Banana nutmeg ice cream and 6 power smoothies For more information about how you can have a Food Yogi workshop and raw gourmet demonstration, contact us now.   The Witchie Woo Wellness Retreat offers first class accommodation along with the following healing services: Massage Crystal Healing Yoga Reiki Psychic Readings Mediumship Mediation Kinesiology Hypnotherapy Contact your host Craig Harmer on Phone: 07 34081577 Mobile: 0488442283 Email:    

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But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth

Food Yoga Workshop

Australian born, Paul Turner (aka Yogi Priya), director of Food for Life Global is currently on a tour presenting FOOD YOGI workshops. The 1 – 3 day workshops present the philosophy of Food for Life as it relates to food choices, lifestyle, respect for nature and spirituality. The presentation is based on notes from Yogi Priya’s yet to be published book, The YOGA of EATING – a 300 page manifesto of the Food Yogi lifestyle with a specific emphasis on introducing a Food Offering Meditation. The idea behind the book was inspired by the founder of ISKCON, Swami Prabhupada, who said that “everyone should get a chance to take prasadam…” He believed strongly that through the liberal distribution of prasadam the whole world could become peaceful and prosperous.” Prasadam is a Sanskrit word that means mercy, and specifically refers to food that has been prepared with loving intention and then offered in love to God. The meaning of Swami Prabhupada’s statement is that clean, non-violent foods that are prepared with loving intention have the ability to unite people in a loving bond. We’ve all had experience of this when we’ve sat down to a meal prepared with love on festive days. Because food is the most basic necessity of life it behooves us to honor the blessing of having food on our table, and even more importantly making sure that everyone else has food as well. This can only happen when we genuinely feel compassion and respect for all living beings and it is this universal respect that is fundamental to a Food Yogi lifestyle. The purpose of the Food Yogi course is to introduce students to the culture of spiritual hospitality and the importance of food on their spiritual journey. Students learn how to achieve optimum health by practicing the Food Yogi […]

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