Juliana's Animal Sanctuary

Donate For Animals


Donate For Animals

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is the first sanctuary in Colombia for animals that are considered food.

We are also the first farm animal sanctuary fully certified by the Global Federation of Farm Sanctuaries in South America.

Additionally, we have established strong educational programs, including vegan cooking workshops, vegan comics, vegan food relief, and strong social media activism.

You can donate to support Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (JAS) via Food for Life Global because they are an affiliate. 

Juliana has devoted her life to the sanctuary, where she lives with some volunteers, rescuing and taking care of rescued animals, giving talks on a national and international level, and bringing the reality of animals that are used as food to schools and other entities. Juliana will not rest until everyone knows the reality that the animals used for food go through, and she continues to teach respect for all beings to all the human hearts she encounters