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Food for Life Nepal reaching remote villages in need

Since no other relief agencies are reaching these areas, the people are highly appreciative of our efforts May 10, 2015, Kathmandu — Food for Life Global affiliate, Food for Life Nepal has been non-stop in the kitchen and on the streets of Kathmandu, Bhaktipur and many remote villages affected by the massive earthquake that struck on April 25. “Today we went to Dulal Village (20km away from our kitchen) to distribute food and relief materials received from Sahid Bhagavat Singh Comrade organization. The bad weather, prevented us visiting other places today,” explained Visvajit Vrajesa Das, director of the program. Volunteers provided 100 blankets to the residents of Dulal village at 3 different spots, along with 250 kgs of rice, 50 large bags of flour, and 300 packets of biscuits to the village children. Remote areas being served, where no other NGOs go To date, more than 90,000 people have been provided hot meals by Food for Life Nepal, while 400 families also received relief supplies. FFL Volunteers packed 2400 kgs of rice, dhal, blankets and clothing in flatbed trucks and drove to remote villages over damaged roads.  “Many of the families were in critical condition. Most of the houses were destroyed and people were starving,” reported Das. “We gave them blankets and then cooked them a delicious dinner on the spot. Volunteers are visiting remote villages like Majuwa, Ramkot, Tudikhel and Salyantar where often the roads are not paved and survivors are looking for grains in the rubble of the quake.  FFL Nepal is serving hot meals to the affected victims, especially to the children. They also sent a ton of food grains to the Dhading area and two tons of food grains to Gorkha. Food For Life Nepal also served hot meals to earthquake victims at the Thapapati VDC hospital wards, #1 and […]

Food for Life Nepal serving the tastiest meals

May 1, 2015 – Bhaktipur — FOOD FOR LIFE NEPAL distributed hot meals to about 3,500 earthquake victims to new locations of Bhaktapur, one of the hardest hit areas.  Meals were served at Yaacheen, Naagpokhari, Muni Bihar, Decocha, Golmadhi, Jagananth Mandir Tripura-sundari, Maha Laxmi and the Sarada school. Food for Life Nepal volunteers are also distributing meals to the homeless and rescue workers. One man told them: “We got Khichadi (bean, rice vegetable stew) being distributed by other organizations, but the taste of the Khichadi was like rice and daal mixed together. The Khichadi being served by ISKCON Food for Life Nepal is very delicious, nutritious and energetic.” These villagers (above) were in desperate need of something to eat. According to one of our witnesses, they were searching for little grains of rice scattered in the ruins of their homes. The people were elated when we got there with some bags of rice. Please continue to support this effort via the various places to donate: www.gofundme.com/sy7frjshttp://tinyurl.com/foodforlifenepal US Citizens Can donate through Food for Life Global, via our US Partner A Well-Fed World

Food for Life Nepal – a first responder in Nepal (VIDEO)

A short video describing the devastation of the earthquake that hit Nepal and the kind men and women of Food for Life Nepal that are serving them hot meals and providing medical care to help them get back on their feet.  [youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]https://youtu.be/RE3Kahij6AM[/youtube]

Food for Life in Nepal – Over 55,000 meals served and now medical care

Based on a report by Dr. Sanjiv Gupta & Brijesh Lacoul 29th April 2015, Kathmandu — Food for life Nepal has been distributing prasadam daily to the victims of the disastrous earthquake that shook Nepal on April 25th. The small non-profit was a first responder and is still one of the few organizations serving hot meals in the city and surrounding areas.  The volunteers have been distributing Khichadi, a bean, rice and vegetable stew that is very popular in the region and highly nutritious.  On Day 4, the FFL teams served out 5500 hot meals in Kathmandu and Lalitpur and 8000 meals in Bhaktapur victims, bringing the total to 55,000 over the last four days. In Kathmandu, meals were served at many hospitals housing large numbers of victims and to homeless families living in parks and at bus stops. “In Bhaktapur, the whole town is practically living on the streets” reported Gupta . “None of the houses are safe to live in because aftershocks are still going on. People are living in tents and whatever shelter they can find and they have no cooking utensils. Food for Life is their only source of healthy cooked meals.” The survivors are appreciating the endeavors of the volunteers, who are boosting their spirits with hot meals, a smile and singing. Food for Life Nepal is also extending their services to include a full-scale health facility, set up by a team of 13 doctors and nurses from The Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai. This team together with ISKCON Nepal doctors make up a team of 28 members comprising of 7 Specialist from Mumbai, 5 Specialist from Nepal, 12 Paramedical staff and 4 Medical Volunteers. On the first day (29th April) the medical team set up camps at Padma College, near Durbar Square Gate, Bhaktapur. They divided their teams […]

Food for Life Nepal – 40,000 meals served so far

Kathmandu, Nepal – April 29, 2015 — Food for Life Nepal again got the opportunity to serve the needy in Kathmandu. Volunteers are doing all they can to reach as many people as possible, despite the challenging conditions. Teams are taking turns to cook and distribute hot vegan meals in shifts. “The meals are fresh and nutritious and the volunteers are putting in a full effort to service the victims,” reports Ram Tulasi das from Bhaktipur. “The more funds we can raise, the more we can serve these people! Please keep sharing your love, care and prayers to the people of Nepal. Please donate. Every dollar makes a huge difference. Nothing is too small.” Food for Life Nepal – a unique example of non-discriminating food relief ISKCON Nepal president, Rama Hari Das reports: “In Sankhu (16 km from Kathmandu), the houses along the road had been destroyed. The debris lay along the pavement of the road. There, the people were without food and shelter. When FFL volunteers went around distributing prasadam (blessed vegan meals), the people were highly appreciative of the non-discriminatory work done. They praised how this should be the standard for those who were willing to lend a helping hand. Anyone from any religious background or political background or any caste was freely given a healthy portion of prasadam. Upon inquiry, it was found that earlier members of the political parties had come to distribute blankets, packaged food and water, but they singled out their cadres and handed relief materials to them. We have not come across any other organization that has been providing hot meals to the victims of the earthquake. “As prasadam was being distributed in Patan, the volunteers came across a well-off family. Unfortunately their dwelling suffered extensive damage and were forced to reside on the road. They […]

Food and medical care being provided by ISKCON Kathmandu


Food for Life Global affiliate, ISKCON Kathmandu temple was spared from major damage due the massive 7.9 earthquake that hit the region on Saturday. “The temple suffered cracks, but the monks living inside the building are all safe and sound,” reported a temple staff member. “The quake is now known to have injured at least 7,000 people. Vast tent cities have sprung up in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, for those displaced or afraid to return to their homes. Several aftershocks have been reported – the latest on Monday night,” reported the BBC.  “Most of our congregation members are safe and around 400 of them have taken shelter inside the temple, explained Purusottama swami. “Temple authorities are also trying their best to help people in the affected areas by distributing prasadam (blessed vegan meals) to them.” Food for Life emergency relief volunteers from Mayapur and Siliguri in West Bengal attempted to go to Kathmandu to offer help, but failed because of the lack of accessible roads. Congestion at Kathmandu’s airport has also caused delays for relief teams from around the world, with Indian TV reporting that an Indian relief flight was forced to turn back. Kathmandu airport is running out of parking bays. “Water is becoming scarce and there are fears that children in particular could be at risk of disease. Even residents of some of the city’s smarter neighbourhoods are sleeping on carpets and mattresses outside their homes,” reported the BBC.  ISKCON regional secretary for Nepal, Patri prabhu reported that ISKCON Kolkata was working with the Indian government to send $8000 in food supplies and cooking equipment through Air India cargo flights for the Food for Life volunteers in Kathmandu. “Cracked roads, landslides and demolished houses have made it difficult to move around [the city] and basic facilities, including communication and electricity are difficult….ISKCON […]

Earthquake devastates Kathmandu – FFLG to respond with hot meals

Over 1400 are known to have been killed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck an area between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara, in Nepal. The military are battling against time to save unknown numbers of people feared trapped under rubble while medical workers have been stretched to their limits caring for nearly 2000 people injured by the disaster.  Throughout the day, tremors were felt across the region, with further loss of life in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest where at least 10 climbers were crushed alive in avalanches. The government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas. Nepali Information Minister Minendra Rijal said there had been “massive damage” at the epicentre. Famous UNESCO sites like the “Darahar tower” have been reduced to rubble. Food for Life Global affiliate, ISKCON Kathmandu are doing what they can to respond to the emergency with hot vegan meals. However, not much is known at this time.  DONATE TODAY TO HELP US DISTRIBUTE HOT MEALS “We are appealing to our supporters to please donate to this effort by making donations via our website to help fund our emergency response,” said Food for Life Global director, Paul Rodney Turner. “FFLG emergency personnel from other countries are ready to fly over to assist our Nepalese team, including, Bruce Webster, who oversaw the earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010.”  

Food for Life responds to massive floods in Argentina


On February 15, six people died in the town of Río Ceballos Cordoba, Argentina, after massive floods tore through the region from heavy storms. An estimated 20,000 people have lost their homes, as the rivers overflowed, dragging everything in their path. For the last 8 months Food for Life volunteers have been providing hot meals throughout Cordoba from their Motorhome, so when the floods hit, the 15-person team, led by Fernando Barrera (Viṣṇurāta das) responded immediately, using a truck to deliver mattresses, blankets, shoes, clothing, coats, clean water, nonperishable foods and freshly cooked plant-based meals they cooked in their small kitchen. In emergencies like this, food is often not enough, so the team is also providing medical supplies, including hydrogen peroxide, gauze, thermometers, bandages, syringes, and needles. More than 60,000 people were affected by the floods. Some neighbourhoods are without electricity and still having to deal with flooded streets. Many bridges have collapsed and access throughout the area is a major challenge. The local police, Puesto de Verificación del Automotor N’ 1. Policía de Córdoba, have been impressed with the efforts of the Food for Life team and are even collecting donations on their behalf.  The mayor of Rio Ceballos, one of the worst affected areas, said this morning, “The floods have totally destroyed everything.” HELP NOW Donate via Food for Life Global to help support these relief efforts.  See media report: http://www.clarin.com/sociedad/Buscan-desaparecidos-inundaciones-Cordoba_0_1304869665.html Photo gallery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1544007475860536.1073741837.1419251741669444&type=1