Food for Life Rocks – Humanitarian Aid Concert

Food for Life Rocks – Humanitarian Aid Concert

FOOD FOR LIFE ROCKS CONCERT with HUMANITARIAN CAUSE ‘AERODROM’ 40 YEARS 31.5.2019. / STADION ŠALATA, ZAGREB / CROATIA The Food for Life (FFL) European team from Slovenia has partnered with Croatian agency, Bit promotion and Yugoslavian rock celebrity Jurica Pađen to stage a series of humanitarian concerts in different parts of the region to help local FFL projects distribute vegan meals. The idea for a humanitarian concert was seeded by longtime friends, Jurica and Ales Erbeznik (president of Food For Life Europe). Jurica Pađen & Aerodrom celebrate “a 40 Year Career” with a concert called “Ordinary Love Songs” at the ŠRC Stadium on Šalata 31.5.2019 with the goal to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Food for Life Europe. With its many legendary hits, Aerodrom will recall the “golden age of a new wave” with timeless hits. During the 80’s-themed concert, Aerodrom will be assisted by musicians Alan Bjelinski, Ante Gelo, Nikša Bratoš, Borna Čop, and other surprise guests. The concert starts at 6 pm with DJ performances (new wave, 80’s), Nikola Marjanovic and Filmmusicorkestar kicking things off. Tickets Available here: 1 Ticket = 1 Free meal Related Article: Food For Life Rocks Concert Supporters: Social Media Jurica Pađen & Aerodrom: Airport TV: IG: Bit Promotion: IG:

Help us Feed the forgotten Women and Children of Chad

MILLIONS OF BOYS AND GIRLS ARE AT RISK – IN CHAD, WE FIND ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST-PRESSING HUMANITARIAN SITUATIONS The numbers of displaced children, refugee children, and children living without access to education in the Lake Chad Region are staggering. Violence in the region has closed 1,000 schools, and educational opportunities for 3.5 million children are at risk. To put these astounding numbers into context, 3.5 million is about the number of people that live in Connecticut today, and it’s the total population of Uruguay. Violence, displacement and the collapse of basic services have led hundreds of thousands of families, especially the southern half of the country, to be dependent on aid. Humanitarian organizations are working with the Government of Chad to respond to the crisis and gain access to people in need, but insecurity and financial constraints remain major challenges. Bordered by Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger – and despite poverty and under-development – Chad has also over the past decade welcomed refugees fleeing attacks from non-state armed groups and displacement by extreme hunger in the arid region known as the Sahel. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), although food insecurity has decreased by 18 percent in 2019 due to a good agricultural season, 3.7 million people face food insecurity, and 2.2 million people suffer from malnutrition, a 29 percent increase compared to last year over the same period. The nutritional situation is critical for 350,000 children, a 59 percent increase compared to last year. OCHA/Naomi Frerotte Ashta, a displaced woman in Yakoua IDP camp, Chad Over the coming year, the HRP – which includes the provision of shelter, food, nutrition support, safe water and sanitation services, health care, and basic education for 2 million people – and […]

Food for Life to Benefit from Vegan Reggae Festival

Food for Life Global the headquarters for the world’s largest network of vegan food relief projects and feedOM™, the kindness giving network is partnering with Go Vegan Radio to put on a Vegan Reggae Festival with headliner – Third World – celebrating 45 years as one of reggae’s most iconic legendary bands and Co-starring – The Movement and Yami Bolo. Featuring – Empress Akua, Prime Livity, Jah Mikey, Quinto Sol, Lamour & the Mystik Band, and Sensi Trails Every ticket purchased will feed 10 needy children via the feedOM™ mobile app that is managing the Output Measurable Guarantee (OMG), a social enterprise that facilitates socially-responsible companies in making a measurable social impact. “We are immensely proud to partner with Go Vegan Radio and be part of this unique event but more importantly, we are super excited to launch the new feedOM™ mobile app where festival goers can not only feed 10 children just by attending but can feed an additional 5 children just by downloading the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play,” said Paul Rodney Turner, the director and founders of both projects. SUNDAY, JULY 21st 12 NOON – 9 PM on the July 21st Liberty Station NTC Park, San Diego CA Bob Linden, the host of the Go Vegan Radio show and organizer of the event, said, “We are so proud to be able to feed 20,000 hungry kids! Just buy tickets and help us reach that goal! Every ticket feeds 10 nutritious vegan meals to hungry children via FeedOm™ and Food for Life Global We also invite you to bring non-perishable vegan food that we will collect for donation to the local food bank.” Super Mega Colossal Early-bird Tickets Only $20.19! Plus Fantastic Food, Mind-Blowing Speakers, and Fun for All Ages! Every Ticket Sold Feeds 10 Hungry Children! A very limited number of […]

Rome Fundraising Event to Benefit Food for Life Global

International director of Food for Life Global recently flew to Rome to give a presentation at an exclusive showroom in downtown Rome to local business people about the work and mission of Food for Life Global. The event was coordinated by Gita Devi, gurukul alumni, and skincare specialist who is a fundraising ambassador for the charity and was held inside of Chateau d’Ax furniture showroom on Via Gregorio vii and the vegan dinner was catered by the local Hare Krishna restaurant, La Bibliothe Roma. Antonio Acone, the owner of Crudi SI, helped plan the event and arranged for the location. He also arranged for the appetizers prepared by Bottega Sana, Rome Ristorante, Pizzeria, Caffe Cavour Roma Camillo B. provided the chaffing dishes to keep the food warm Marcia Marcia Sedoc, the president of Associazione Fajaloby and a well-known pageant host and humanitarian arranged for the music and raffle. Rosanna Cippolla Singer/Songwriter entertained everyone with her angelic voice and piano. The Radio personality, Dylan from Dimensione Suono Soft was in attendance and praised the event. Radio Godot did a nationally broadcast interview with Marcia Marcia Sedoc about the event and FFL. Lena Shylo was the Photographer Craig Peterson, Chiropratica Universale offered a free chiropractic evaluation to all who paid full ticket price as well as an evaluation with 10 adjustments at the silent auction Simona Primavera of Spring Touch donated two 1-hour Kobido couples facial treatments and rejuvenating facial treatments. Rama Caceres offered distance reiki healing sessions with chakra balancing for the silent auction. Guests heard about the work of Food for Life Global and their mission to provide a practical solution to world hunger. Turner also introduced a new project that Food for Life Global is partnering with called feedOM, which is introducing the Output Measurable Guarantee (OMG), a sponsorship opportunity for socially responsible companies to […]

Food for Life Donetsk Christmas Gifting

Food for Life Donetsk in Ukraine is not only one of the most effective food relief projects in all of Europe, serving thousands of meals weekly, they decided to go the extra mile and gift their recipients with Christmas gift bags. To learn more about Food for Life Donetsk, visit their Facebook page Over 500,000 hot meals served to conflict victims in Ukraine

Help us feed the migrant caravan approaching the US

We have just launched a GoFundme to support our affiliate in Mexico to provide freshly cooked vegan meals to the thousands of migrants approaching the US. Please consider supporting this effort, where $10 can feed about 20 people. Please help me reach the goal of $5000 to cover the cost of our team there. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary located in Chia, Colombia is the coordinating office for Food for Life Global projects in Latin America and they will be coordinating this effort and raising the funds to support it. Food for Life Global is the headquarters for a network of 211 projects serving over 1.5 million meals daily and recently served the 5 billionth meal. The Food for Life Mexico team is already cooking meals and will start distribution tomorrow, November 10. We estimate that the first caravan of people number around 5000, with 30% being children. If we can reach our campaign goal we believe we can feed the 2nd wave of migrants as well. UPDATE: Over 40,000 meals were served by the volunteers during a 4-week campaign.

Feed the World Week 2018

For the last 22 years, Food for Life Global has promoted and hosted Feed the World Week, inspired by the words of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who once said, “Invite the world, we can feed them.” The event was kickstarted during the 100th anniversary birthday of Prabhupada as a one-day event and it continued on to this day as a weekly event. During this week, Food for Life projects and supporters of Food for Life Global will do their best to extend their hospitality as much as possible to make sure that no one in their immediate vicinity goes hungry. Prabhupada is the inspiration behind the Food for Life project, for it was his desire that no one go hungry and that “everyone should get a chance to get prasadam…” Prasadam is a Sanskrit word that literally means mercy and specifically refers to plant-based food that has been offered in devotion to Krishna. At Food for Life Global, we make it a rule that our affiliate projects only serve prasadam to the public thus uniquely distinguishing our feeding program from the thousands of others in that we intentionally try to make our meals nourishing for the body, mind, and soul. Feed the World Week is as much about feeding as many people as possible as it is about sharing a message of unity. Food is the great uniter of all peoples and when food is prepared with a loving intention, offered in devotion and served indiscriminately it has the power to unite the world. This message of unity is perfectly explained and couriered in the food yoga tradition. The word yoga essentially means to unite and therefore food yoga is the art and science of using food as the medium to create a sense of unity among all living beings. To […]

Rescued Food for Street Meals Program

“RESCUED FOOD FOR STREET MEALS” is a Strategic Partnership project aimed to connect five partner organizations (active in the youth work areas of humanitarian work, youth volunteering and finding solutions for food waste problem) from Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, United Kingdom and Slovenia. This project is a true fusion of the experiences of partner organizations, using each organization’s experience and expertise to create a “food revolution” in the areas of partner activity. Erasmus+ programme fund it. The project allows participants from the partner organizations involved, to educate themselves and their target groups in a variety of ways how to create innovative activities to engage youth in solving social problems of local communities. The participants learn and share their good practices/experience through training activities on organizing “Rescued Food for Street Meals” humanitarian events, cooking, distributing food, etc. This Initiative supports the participants in their personal and professional development (knowledge, skills, and attitudes). The project started on 1st February 2016 and ended on 30th June 2018. According to UN Report (the year 2011), over 1/3 of the world’s food for human consumption is wasted every year. At the same time, worldwide 842 million people are experiencing hunger. Poverty and food insecurity are incredibly prevalent in many European cities, making a case for food waste reduction and proper redistribution all the more critical. These alarming statistics made us think about how to get actively involved in creating innovative, practical solutions for burning problem of food waste. The project deals with the growing global problem of poverty and food crisis, which is officially stressed by the “Food group” in European Parliament, so we think that this partnership is parallel with their objectives and offers added value in finding the high-quality solutions achievable locally and globally. The objectives of the project are: To build the capacity […]

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