How to Donate Furniture to Charity: 9 Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

Downsizing or giving your home a new look often means letting go of your old furniture. If these items are in good condition, you might want to give them out. Lots of organizations and nonprofit groups will gladly accept these items.

We’ll look at charities that accept furniture as a donation variation. Since most of these charities have numerous outlets, your donations will be picked up in no time, saving you time and energy. 

So, if you’re giving your house a makeover and want to donate furniture to charity to avoid the burden of selling while also benefiting from a tax deduction and helping individuals in need, read on for more details.

The Furniture Bank Network

A great way to donate your furniture to charity is by contacting the Furniture Bank Network, which has locations in 34 states, for free furniture pick up. All items received are donated to those in need who can’t afford to decorate their houses.

Although a furniture charity, the association also accepts used cars and recreational vehicles. Furniture received by the association is donated to formerly homeless people, mothers and children fleeing domestic abuse, and immigrants, amongst others.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization in the United States and across the world that focuses on its goal of constructing and repairing houses.

If you’re wondering “where can I donate office furniture near me?” This nonprofit is an option for you. ReStore outlets accept large furniture donations, including dining tables, sofas, cupboards, and office desks. Habitat stores sell donated items at a discounted retail price at their resale shops, and the proceeds from the sales help fund several programs.

Small furniture items can be dropped off in person at your nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which you can locate using the ReStore donation page’s store finder. You can schedule a free furniture donation pick up for bigger items. To book a pickup appointment, simply call your local shop.


If you’re still planning to donate furniture to charity, Goodwill is another renowned organization that will pick up your donations. Goodwill nonprofit was formed in 1902 and has thousands of stores across the United States and Canada. 

Donated items are sent to local Goodwill shops and sold at a discounted price to individuals in need. Funds generated from the sales are used for various projects, including job training and placement.

With the funds realized from selling donated items, Goodwill offers jobs and job training programs, as well as classes and community-based programming for youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and people seeking to regain their lives following a jail sentence.
If your item is small enough for you to deliver in person, use the store locator feature on the Goodwill website to find a furniture drop-off location. Otherwise, browse through the website to determine if the charity offers a free pick-up service in your region.

Volunteer carrying a box with donations inscribed to a nearby charity organization

Salvation Army

When it comes to donating unwanted items, the Salvation Army is a well-known household name. This charity, which has been functioning for more than a century, has more than a thousand stores located in several towns and cities across the United States.

Items received are sent to individuals in need or sold at a Salvation Army store. Furthermore, the group provides free furniture pick-up, among other services.

Furniture donations are periodically used to furnish the charity’s homeless shelters. While the majority of the donations go to the Salvation Army’s stores, the sales proceeds from the stores are used to fund the organization’s rehabilitation centers, which help individuals overcome their drug and alcohol addictions, gain employment skills, and reunite families.

You can either deliver your donations yourself by visiting the Salvation Army’s website to confirm a local thrift store near you, or you can opt for free donated furniture pick up. Ensure you mark the items with the inscription “SA” before delivering them.

Amvets National Service Foundation

AMVETS stands for American Veterans. This nonprofit charity runs thrift stores to sell donated items and fund its veteran assistance programs.

AMVETS accepts men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, small appliances, kitchenware, electronics, lights, curtains, books, beds, and more. If they’re less than five years old, the stores will also accept flat-screen TVs, laptops, and gym equipment. Even if your item isn’t on our list, they might be able to accept it! Simply call and inquire.

You can schedule a free furniture donation pick-up by visiting the AMVETS donation pickup information page. It’s worth noting that the organization only works in 22 US states, and the website only permits scheduling in a few of them. If you live in another state where the organization works, call (866) 294-4488 to schedule a pickup.

The foundation focuses on assisting veterans, ex-servicemen, and their families, to help them lead better lives by providing employment opportunities and support through assistance programs.

The Arc

The Arc is a nonprofit with over 600 local branches. Their aim is to reach out and assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain access to the information, advocacy, and skills they need to fully integrate into society. Physical contributions are one of their main objectives.

The Arc accepts furniture and housewares, clothing, toys, and used cars. Items accepted by the non-profit are sold in their stores around the country, and the proceeds are used to help kids and adults in their program. .

Pickup Please

Pickup Please is a program that supports Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). Although not as well-known as the others on our list, the charity provides a fantastic option for your furniture, clothes, or other belongings.

You can usuallly plan a pick-up with as little as 24 hours’ notice, which is convenient if you have a tight schedule.

Currently, Pickup Please provides service in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. This program accepts donations in the form of toys, household goods, men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, electronics, and small furniture.

Vietnam Veterans of America sells the donated items to small companies to raise funds for their programs.

Volunteers picking up furniture donations from a delivery van

Pickupmydonation.Com isn’t a charitable organization, it’s more of a service that links you with local organizations that will pick up your donations. This service is a wonderful choice for delivering heavy items like furniture, with the required vehicles for delivery, such as pickup trucks or trailers.

Additionally, PickupMyDonation helps nonprofit thrift stores in your region, so the charities you may support are limited by what’s available.

To donate furniture to charity, go to their website and enter your zip code to begin a donation request that includes a list of the items you wish to give. PickupMyDonation service then notifies nearby organizations of the availability of your contribution.

Donation Town

Donation Town, like PickUpMyDonation, is a service that connects you with local organizations that provide free pickup. So, if you have a huge piece of furniture to donate, you won’t have to stress about getting it there.

Being a connectivity service, Donation Town links you with organizations that accept a wider range of items, such as home goods and electronics, thus making it a smart choice if you have lots of items and furniture for donation pickup or you lack transportation or time.

Enter your zip code on Visit Donation Town’s website to ensure you’re matched with a list of nearby organizations that provide free pickup. Choose a furniture collection charity from the list and contact them to arrange for a pickup of your furniture at a time that suits you.

How to Schedule Your Donation Pick Up

  • Determine What’s Worth Donating

While it’s unfortunate to have to throw away or recycle an item that someone else may find useful, all of the organizations mentioned above emphasize that donations must be in excellent shape. This doesn’t imply that items must be brand new, but they should be clean, usable, and devoid of significant defects unless otherwise specified.

If you encounter damaged items, seek environmentally friendly disposal solutions that may not be as easy as a pick-up but keep goods out of landfills. Textile recycling bins, for example, may transform unwearable clothing, shoes, and bedding into items like insulation and car seat filling. In addition, your local animal shelter would most likely take old linens and towels with a few stains or rips.

  • Research First Before Choosing a Charity

All of the charities listed above do good things with your donations, but each in its own way. Instead of picking the first option on the list, look over an organization’s website to see whether their ideas and practices align with yours, while also ensuring they’re available in your region.

To find the nearest branch, go online or phone one of the organizations listed above. Check to see whether these companies provide free home pickup for donations.

Before donating any objects, crates, or furniture, ensure to sanitize and disinfect them first. This extra precaution safeguards the safety of your organization’s employees and receivers of your goodwill.

Two people bubble wrapping a chair up for charity donation
  • Ensure the Organization Accepts What You’re Donating

Each charity that accepts old furniture donations may have various criteria for what they accept and what they don’t. In most circumstances, a ripped, filthy, discolored, or otherwise damaged item will not be accepted. 

GoGreenDrop has created a donation guideline that may be utilized by other businesses. However, we recommend contacting the group that will be accepting your furniture for free to ensure your items’ eligibility.

  • Arrange a Day for the Pick-Up

After you’ve decided on a company to help you declutter, pick an hour and a day that works for both parties. Because availability varies depending on the day of the week, if you can fit the activity into weekdays, you’re likely to have more options. Lots of decluttering and relocation activities take place on weekends, which raises demand and perhaps wait periods.

When choosing a day, consider the weather. A warm or cloudy day is ideal for such activities. Avoid moving on wet or windy days, since these conditions may jeopardize moving safety and can damage donated furniture.

To ensure that your appointment is added to the organization’s calendar, plan the pick-up at least two weeks before moving day.

  • Prepare Your Items Ahead of Time

Your donation may be subject to particular requests from the organization that is picking you up. Even if nothing is mentioned, conduct some independent research. 

Cleaning any clothing, furniture, or housewares you intend to donate, as well as carefully packing and/or bagging items for delivery, are all part of the process.

How to Decide What You Should Keep, Donate, or Trash

Donating furniture to charity isn’t a way to get rid of furniture that needs to be sent to the dump. Only usable furniture, which can be utilized immediately or sold for a profit, should be donated to charity.

Before you contact a charity to have a furniture piece picked up, ask yourself, “Would anybody want to purchase this?” It’s one thing if there are a few stains on your chair cushions. It’s a different story if the furniture is in such bad shape that it’s unlikely to be useful to anyone.


Isn’t it satisfying to help others? Donating to pick-up organizations is a wonderful way to get rid of unwanted goods, especially large ones that are difficult to handle on your own. Don’t just trash your possessions the next time you’re ready to downsize. 

Instead, arrange for a charity pickup and give your unwanted belongings a new lease of life. Just ensure that everything you’re donating is in a new or gently used condition, or else it won’t be accepted. If you have any doubts about whether a particular item will be accepted, phone the charity ahead of time to find out.

This article was sponsored by Clear Home Design — Your one-stop for lucite and acrylic furniture.

Your Donation Can Change Lives

If you cannot donate furniture to charity but still want to impact lives, consider making a monetary donation to Food for Life Global. This non-profit hunger relief entity, since its institution, has provided over 7 billion vegan meals to the underprivileged. Our projects also include eco-farming, animal rescue, and schooling. If you’d like to tap into our vision, your journey starts HERE

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995. He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef, and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, 7 maxims for soul happiness.

MR. Turner has traveled to 72 countries over the last 35 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.



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Lamentamos mucho tu situación de salud y esperamos que todo mejore pronto, sin embargo, nuestra organización no ofrece este tipo de ayuda, somos una organización que se encarga de la distribución de comidas veganas recién preparadas a comunidades en necesidad, esto a través de nuestra red de afiliados.

Existen muchas fundaciones que ayudan a personas con cancer con sus gastos medicos, entendiendo por supuesto que tienen largas listas de espera debido a la gran demanda que hay actualmente, también, en los hospitales publicos de muchas ciudades suelen dar un cupo diario de asistencia con quimios y medicaciones, desconozco tu ubicación actual pero te recomendaria que intentes a través del hospital publico mas cercano. Esperamos que puedas obtenerla ayuda que necesitas.

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Unfortunately we do not have a way to receive this type of donation at this time, perhaps if you post it on social networks there is a family in need that could be very helpful.

Soon we will be setting up collection centers for this type of donations.

September 14, 2023

Thank you for contacting Food for Life Global.

Unfortunately we do not have a way to receive this type of donation at this time, maybe if you post it on social networks there is a family that needs it and it could be of great help.

Soon we will be setting up collection centers for this type of donations.

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