Did You Know?

6 billion pounds of fresh produce are wasted each year in the U.S.

While 51 million Americans do not have access to fresh, healthy foods.


Our Solution

Hungry Harvest recovers the surplus produce from farmers and wholesalers.

We then deliver a balanced bag of fresh fruits & veggies to your door every weekend.

And for every delivery you receive, we donate a healthy meal to someone in need!

Pick a Size

MINI Harvest

$15 / Week

Perfect for smaller households!

FULL Harvest

$25 / Week

Twice the produce, only $10 more!

super harvest

$35/ Week

For the produce lovers!

Social Media Buzz


I love the text notifications I receive to my phone and that I can track how far away my delivery is!
— Kathy F., Harvest Hero for 2 weeks
The full harvest is sized just right for us, and the quality is very good. It always seems to last the week quite well.
— Arlene M., Harvest Hero for 12 months
Hungry Harvest has changed the way I eat. Now, I can eat healthier with less effort, and the best part is that my subscription helps people in need.
— Phil R., Harvest Hero for 5 months

Ready to help make the world a better place, just by eating delicious fruits & veggies?

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