LA Unity Rally & Global Drum Circle for Peace

Get ready California! Just days after the election we are uniting with diverse organizations, communities, musicians, drum circles and artists as we rally, march and #drum4peace. The #timeisnow to UNITE!

Sunday, November 13 at 12 PM5 PM PST
Santa Monica City Hall
1685 Main St, Santa Monica, California 90401

ddp-logoFood for Life Global West Coast Rep, Punya Das is the brains and heart behind the drum, dance and pray project that is bringing together people from every demographic to sing, dance and pray for world peace and unity.

Food for Life Global will be sharing FREE food/ picnic at Time Is Now Cooperative’s LA Unity Rally this coming Sunday! We are honored to partner with them for this event.

The website of the project boldly claims:

We are servants of world peace; praying for an end to all wars, hunger, malnutrition, starvation, and homelessness inspiring the development of a pure relationship with Mother Earth.

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Non-Local and International
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