Bill Clinton Named PETA Person of the Year – Reason is Vegan Lifestyle

PETA named Bill Clinton as their person of the year for 2010. The former president is actually a bit of an odd choice given his previous junk food obsession. Nevertheless, the animal rights group chose him.

Bill Clinton is actually a PETA success story. He actually gave up the junk food to become a vegan. He even lost 24 pounds after quitting animal products for his daughter Chelsea’s fairytale wedding this past summer. PETA was thrilled with one of the newest and most famous vegan converts. The group said of Clinton, “Thanks to his new plant-based diet, he’s shed some pounds, decreased his risk of future heart problems, and spared the lives of many animals. Because he uses his influence to promote the benefits of following a vegan diet, PETA is pleased to name Bill Clinton its 2010 Person of the Year.”

In addition to becoming PETA’s 2010 person of the year, hopefully the positive changes that Clinton made will help his heart. In 2004, he had a bypass surgery, and last year he had stents inserted due to blocked arteries. Clinton’s research on a plant-based diet showed him that 82 percent of people since 1986 were able to heal themselves eating that way. It is amazing that he has had the willpower and stamina to stick to the vegan diet. Now Bill Clinton says, “I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit. I drink a protein supplement every morning — no dairy, I drink almond milk mixed in with fruit and a protein powder so I get the protein for the day when I start the day up.”

Congratulations to him for being so successful in changing to a new lifestyle. It appears as if it has been a great benefit to his health. Of course, Bill Clinton also got some nice additional press when PETA named him their 2010 person of the year. That honor is just a nice feather to add to his cap.

Source: News Gather

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