Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Acquire Mobile Kitchen for FFL Serbia

Food for Life Global is requesting donations to buy a mobile kitchen for our affiliate in Serbia to distribute more than 60,000 vegan meals over the next 6 months to feed refugees seeking asylum in Serbia. 

“We are already serving as the main source of food to many refugees pouring through this country, but we could be so much more effective if we could feed them on the spot,” explained Moksha Rupi, head chef for FFL Serbia.

The alarming living conditions of refugees coming to Eastern Europe

Since the beginning of 2015, more than 350,000 migrants and refugees have arrived at European borders with unaccompanied children and vulnerable families making up thousands of them. At the risk of their own lives, these men and women flee the war in the Middle East in the hope of offering a better life and a hopeful future to their children.

Seeing images of boats capsize on the Mediterranean coast and the distress of migrants trying to reach Europe, we all wonder what we can do to help.  Refugee families need everything from a shelter to warm clothes, medical and psycho-social support. But the first basic need they experience is the lack of food that is suitable for their journey.


How Food for Life is directly helping the refugees

250117_584707031681814_603723672032961757_nSince the beginning of refugee influx in Europe, Food for Life is doing everything in its power to answer that need. Since October, FFLG has distributed over 12,000 meals to refugee families throughout several countries (Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, France and the UK). We supply hot plant-based meals freshly cooked the same day and served with love, but also fruits, beverages, and clothing to face the increasing cold.

Thanks to our experience and network of volunteers across Europe, we were able to set up kitchens providing meals at refugee camps and spreading the message of equality through non-discrimination. Food For Life Global is the world’s largest food relief: we serve up to 2 million plant-based meals daily and to this date, we have cooked and distributed over 3 billion meals in impoverished communities and for survivors of natural and manmade disasters (in Nepal, Sarajevo, Pakistan, Haiti, Japan etc.)

Why we need your help

e4d18eae-aeb2-45bf-8e1f-c6083441087b_profileThis campaign is for us the opportunity to touch thousands of people who desperately need our help and fraternity. As more European countries are closing their borders, Serbia is now one of the most active countries in hosting and assisting migrants.  In order to speed up their route, the neighboring governments agreed that the main stop for them in Serbia will be Preshevo, but we know that numerous families come through Belgrade and Shid (close to the Croatian border), where the numbers are much bigger and the need of refugees even more urgent. With your support, we want to equip our wonderful partner in Serbia (Bhakti Hub) with a mobile kitchen which would enable our volunteers to reach these families who haven’t had hot meals for days, sometimes weeks, and support them in their journey

We need your help and support to achieve this! Whether it is through a donation, a link to our campaign through your social media profile or simply by spreading the word around you, there are so many ways you could help us try and make a difference!

What we can achieve together

relief_truck03Concretely, with the 25 000 dollars we wish to raise through this campaign, we will acquire and upgrade a mobile kitchen to cook and deliver hot food to thousands of refugees. This will allow our volunteers to go and meet the families who need our help the most across refugee camps, train et bus stations in Serbia.

Once the meals are distributed  and when the refugee crisis will be resolved, the mobile kitchen will allow our team to organize educational workshops on topics such as nutrition, animal welfare, hunger relief, and environmental protection, etc. We will also organize catering events to raise money for meal preparation and maintenance so that our kitchen is fully self-sustaining!

You would also help us deliver the first meals which only cost 1 euro each. So imagine that with a contribution of only  75 euros, you could help us feed one migrant family for an entire week!

Despite the concerns raised by the welcoming of refugees in European countries, the conflict has worsened in the Middle East and it is more important than ever to remember that migrants are mostly vulnerable women and children and that they are human beings, our brothers, and sisters, who need our help and our welcoming hands.

“We don’t claim to understand the reasons why people are here and what the political solutions may be, but whether it is escaping an illegal war, bombings, or whether it is simply, people coming to Europe to create a better life. What we do believe to be true is that these people are our spiritual brothers and sisters, suffering the pangs of material existence and they need our care and kindness,” – Peter O’Grady, director of Food For All, one of our affiliate.

Help us relieve refugees fleeing to Europe through what directly unites us: Pure food


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