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PLEASE VOTE NOW for Food for Life Vrindavan. Please help them win the Gudville challenge. Please click on the link below and vote for them. Help them educate girls just by a click. After voting, please endorse them (the option comes after the voting page). Go on do it and make yourself smile for doing a good thing.

Food for Life Vrindavan(FFLV) is a charity located in a small town called Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, India. Rupa Raghunath Das founded FFLV in 1990. The service began with small-scale evening meal distribution to the street kids. Currently we are running a number of projects that are the basic essentials for any society. Digging fresh water wells, tree planting, Organic farming, free meals distribution, Cleaning services, Trash recycling (Paper), Medical help, cow protection and cloth distribution are some of the services that we are do.

Our focus, however, has always been educating girls.

At the moment most of the girls coming to the school live in slum areas or villages. We currently have 2 running schools with about 1200 girls attending. The school provides for everything essential for these girls to learn, grow and reach their full potential. Apart from teaching a syllabus recognized by UP government, the girls have a wide variety of extra circulars to pick from. We teach various dance forms (Kathak, Contemporary, Oddissi, Folk), singing, musical instruments (Harmonium, Tabla, Mridangam), karate, stitching, embroidery, drawing, art and henna etc. We also sometimes recognize the exceptional talent of girls and send them for special training outside the school from recognized institutions.

How we do it?

We have a team of dedicated employees who conduct a survey in the area to pick some most impoverished families whose girl child have no opportunity to receive an education otherwise. We then interview the kids and admit them according to their age and level.

Why Girls?

India is a land of contrasts where on one hand a mythical female figure is worshipped as a goddess in all reverence and on the other hand a real life women is denied of her basic rights from even before She is born.

We are all aware of malpractices like girl child infanticide, child marriage, Child labor, assault, exploitation etc. They are prevalent in the rural/semi rural parts of India. But it takes its the worst shape when an adolescent girl is poor and powerless, in short Uneducated. She is forced into an adult role at an early age. This helplessness takes away her childhood and She passes this fate on to her own children – perpetuating the cycle of poverty that afflicts so many today.

Why we believe that Education can change this?

This first generation of educated women in this area will dawn as a bright future for the whole society. They can work much better as they have been there, seen it, lived it and can now change it.


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